can i talk about barack obama without you thinking it’s political?

This is not a political blog, but I want to say a few words about Sen. Barack Obama. Words like “Be Whole Now, America!

If you don’t see Sen. Obama as a reflection of our collective leap into a “new age” of consciousness and a new paradigm, you may not be looking beyond the surface of what passes for political discourse in this country.

Right now, we are in the midst of massively significant change as evolving humans. It is what you read about in this blog, and in many of the links I offer from time to time. The steps that so many of us are taking — the clearing, releasing, surrender, disconnection and reconnection, expansion to higher vibrational realms, allowing, manifesting, stripping away of the veil and remembering more fully who each of us is and why we are here now – are simply holograms of a much, much wider shift.

Communities are changing. Institutions are changing. Governments are changing. Nations are changing. The very planet on which we live – and of which we are an integral component – is changing. Each organism is going through its own process of healing and transformation – and if you peer closely at what is occurring around you, you will see the playing-out of the same patterns and steps to wholeness.

What you are working through at the individual level, Sen. Barack Obama is reflecting and embodying at the national level.

While you bump up against increasingly intolerable levels of discomfort with certain relationships, jobs, living situations, and ingrained ways of being and expressing yourself, you begin to discover new ways to create greater health, prosperity, compassion, joy, and freedom in your life.

The very same process is taking place within and among governments, corporations, banking systems, institutions, and technology all over the world. If it no longer serves, it’s gotta go. As the old paradigm increasingly reveals itself as rusty, inefficient, top-heavy, programmed for obsolescence and crumbling under its own weight, it is time to surrender and get on with the business of creating new models and new ways marked by sustainability, inclusivity, and greater freedoms for all.

Anything that now exists is being called upon in a powerfully insistent way, to be whole now.

While you learn to give greater credence to the inklings of your heart and your intuition — learning to allow and manifest rather than relying solely on analytical reasoning, intellectual maneuverings and a spreadsheet approach to living –you invite the divine marriage of the archetypal masculine and the archetypal feminine to take place within you.

That means introducing the brain in your head to the brain in your heart, and helping them learn to play well together. That means recognizing there is room at the table for myriad ways of processing experience, including those ways that we have tended to label “masculine” or “feminine.”

A hallmark of the new paradigm (which, in my estimation, is not tied to some magic date in 2012 but is unfolding in this very moment), is the widespread embrace of the divine feminine archetype. When Sen. Barack Obama honors his wife, his grandmother, his mother, and his two young daughters, he pays homage to the Divine Feminine in all Her glory. The man possesses two fully functioning brain hemispheres and he’s not afraid to use them; thus, he is able to bring heart and mind and spirit to his ideas and actions.

In the realm of unity consciousness, many subscribe to the adage, “There’s only one of us here.” This very sense that each of us is the starving child in India, the homeless family in New Orleans, the battered sex slave in Thailand, the man dying of AIDS in San Francisco, is what gives rise to our growing compassion for others around the globe.

Senator Barack Obama embodies this, elegantly carrying the American, the African, the Christian, the Muslim, the masculine, the feminine, the statesman, the father and the son, in one body. He talks and walks unity and the absolute truth that everyone has a place on the circle.

If you keep your eyes and ears open, you will note an oupouring of bright and brilliant, multidimensional beings now walking among us on Earth. They are coming out of the woodwork after lifetimes of hiding, preparing to serve as wayshowers and to model lives of great compassion, interconnectedness, and wholeness.

Just sayin’ that I see Barack Obama as a precious and timely gift to the future of humanity and the planet — here to assist in the evolution of consciousness at the highest levels. If that’s where politics is headed, then I say, “Bring it on!”

10 thoughts

  1. Beware of ideas which take ANY politician to ethereal heights. Politicians, after all, are just that: “politicians”. They must become popular in order to be elected. What has bothered me from the time I first heard the name “Obama” is where is the record of accomplishments which benefit us all? Most of the record I have seen is one of self-centeredness. Can anyone point to something Obama has done which actually indicates his concern with the American people?


  2. Rachel is right: change begins within our selfs. If you are looking for a politician to bring change FOR you, you are never going to see it. Real change you “can believe in” starts within your own heart, with your personal connection with the Power of the Universe. Keep reading Rachel’s blog if you want to bring real change within yourself and take whatever a politician says with huge grains of salt!


  3. I like the inspiring speeches made by obama. Although i am still not a citizen but i am really concerned about it. And if i could i would have voted for him.


  4. I agree with you on your statements in regard to OBAMA. He certainly will have my vote. He is the only choice for real change that we have right now. Finally, after so long, we have a chance at positive change. I am excited!


  5. L.A., knightofswords, B.S.,

    These are all great comments on a decidedly huge topic.

    Malcolm’s questions are good ones and worthy of thoughtful discourse. Because I am otherwise-occupied for a couple of days (you’ll hear more about that soon enough…), I’m going to do a new Post asking for more Comments on the subject. We’ll see what might turn up. Thanks to all for your input!


  6. I agree with you!!! Let us not forget what is important and what truely elevates the soul. I agree also that we must look behind the smooth words of man to see the truth in it all. We must stop seeing and start perceiving. B.S.


  7. In many ways, I see two worlds. One world looks pretty much like it always did, though the issues are changing. The other world includes you and I and the others folks who read your blog as well as the various gurus, teachers, authors and organisations that write books about this world.

    The sense in the “be whole now” world from many people is that “things” are going through this giant shift you speak of. Some said we were going through a similar shift back in the 1960s, and then again in the 1970s when new age books were very popular.

    What I’m curious about, I guess, is whether there really is a shift and, if so, who or what caused it. Or is it another swinging of the pendulum back in the other direction as a reaction against many of the horrors wee see in the “outer” world?



  8. Yes, although it is true that Mr. Obama reflects the paradigm shift into awakening (as much as a woman candidate receiving 18 million votes does), politics and “the world,” such as it is, is still “maya” (illusion). I see so many holding Mr. Obama on too high a pedestal, that disappointment is sure to follow. He is just a man, but his elevation is the proverbial swing of the pendulum that went far to much in one direction. Ultimately, awakening can only be measured soul by individual soul. I see too many becoming attached to the outward manifestations as though the illusion suddenly has become real. Let us not forget the greater truth – one that can only be known through a true elevation into soul consciousness. Blessings.


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