do not watch this video while driving or operating heavy equipment!

Here’s another one of those quiet, relaxing, inspirational messages from the folks at

I have spent the last four days moving (and I mean personally lifting, carrying and transporting) my possessions into a 5X10 storage unit, vacating my sweet and wonderfully supportive residence of the last three years, tying up loose ends, and entering the realm of “home-free.” My friend Dawn ( prefers to call it a state of “always home now.” My children (17 & 22) think I’m just plain ridiculous.

My walk and talk are one; I do not encourage people to explore anything that I haven’t already experienced myself. Ample and repeated servings of trust, non-attachment, courage, and willingness continue to shower me with gifts and blessings, including a fully-insured and registered car (which I have been using for several months now), two nights (so far) at a beautiful boutique hotel (rooms usually go for $159 per night), four-and-a-half-months of deferred back rent payable within a year, wonderful food prepared by loving friends, and ongoing acupuncture treatments.

I’ll be sharing more about this adventure — and my highly satisfying work with The Salvation Army in the Northern Colorado tornado area — but first, a quiet moment of gentle breathing and gratitude for The Now. Thanks, Dawn, for the link!

Click here to view A Holy Splash of Time. Caution: Highly calmative and soporific. May not be suitable for viewing while driving, using sharp tools, or attempting to buzz through a hectic day with blunt force and infinite cups of coffee.

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