what will you create from today?

Today, create the opening Heart

Unshroud your inmost Desires and
lay them down gently in a field of dew-kissed wildflower
Let flow a river of Forgiveness
For yourself, for others
And revel in the soft waftings of a breeze
as it carries away the unlatched chains of soul’s oppression

Create the keys that unlock your ancient Rememberings
Take them down from the nail on the wall
Feel them slip with ease into their appointed hallways
And know that you have held them in your hands for eternity

Today, create with the instrument that is You
the Music that is the background for your becoming

Express in every act the Beauty, the Art that meets the gaze
of those who would truly see

Create in all its unimaginable majesty
The beckonings of Peace
Surround yourself with long-sought Contentment
Simply cease the straining that has time and again produced only striving
And allow a gossamer cape of unwrapt Radiance to envelop your aching soul

Now is the time to create the space for Love to enter
For Joy to join you at the table
For Stillness to claim its too-long-empty seat
For your Infinite Being to take up full-time residence
within your inner rooms

Today, dismingle the wheat from the chaff
Precious Gems from errant pebbles, Gold from dross
Truth from illusion
Walk away from the old, the tattered and torn
Let the Call of the New guide you on your way

What will you create today?
The ground has been prepared
Your seed pouch bulges with potentiality
Rain waits in the wings
Even as a holy chorus is poised to sound
the forever tone that carries your Sacred name

The All patiently awaits your emerging choice
Your Yes! of Creation
Only You, in your vast and immeasurable essence,
Can lay upon the doorstep of existence
The singular gift that is You

This is Today
She has arisen fresh and virginal
and filled with the exhilaration of anticipation
Her eyes search out your Heart to ask the quiet question:

What will you create?


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