suffering & chaos or global shift? you decide

I tend not to immerse myself in the mainstream media, but this Associated Press story, “Everything seemingly is spinning out of control,” reached out and grabbed me. I see it not so much as fear-mongering, but as an accurate reflection of one step along the path of transformation – be it personal, national, or planetary. The Old must die off before The New can be born.

Soon after, I stumbled across this short video trailer (6:20 minutes) for The Shift Movie. Same planet, same period in history, totally different perspective. Learn a bit more at Where will you get your news? Where will you place your awareness? What will you help to create?

One thought

  1. Great news our numbers are growing. Those of us who are aware and working toward human unity through Godlike conscience are surpassing those who choose to lie dormant at this time. One day we will all be together in thought and action.


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