southwest road trip: “doing bowls, getting stoned”

A friend and I hit the road Monday last for a Spirit-driven road trip through Colorado and a general intention to eventually end up in my favorite area of southcentral Utah, and who knows where else? As we pulled away from another friend’s house at 11:11pm, we had our first inklings that we were headed off on a magical, mystical, multidimensional adventure.

Few experiences exhilarate me like surrendering agendas, timeframes, and destinations to the guidance of an infinitely more experienced “agent of travel.” When you add in a traveling companion who is a master at working with Tibetan metal “singing” bowls to clear, set, and recalibrate harmonic sound frequencies in individuals, groups, and the very Earth herself, things really get interesting!

Top that off with the primal energies emanating from the red rock canyons, cliffs and uprisings of “stone people” all around us, magnified by the ancient landscape, the desert heat, and, again, our shared devotion to the powerful messages from every facet of Mother Nature’s expression — and it’s easy to understand why we feel “stoned” much of the time. Time and space collapse upon themselves; altered states of awareness are regular visitors.

So, right now, as I write this in Torrey, Utah’s, new Green Planet Bistro (link in sidebar at right, under “refuses to be categorized,” a woman is seated nearby while my roadtrip buddy utilizes ancient singing bowls to relax, rejuvenate, and realign her personal energy frequency signature. One bowl is upside down on her head, covering her eyes and nose, and as he works, her lips peek out and stretch into a joyful smile. A giggle erupts now and then. Yes, it looks as silly as it sounds – though it is potent work for human beings ready to open to a new level of integration and wholeness.

Already, powerful synchronicities are showing up in this small rural town – constantly validating and honoring our commitment to stay present in this moment, to be guided by forces larger and more powerful than our own minds, and to trust without hesitation every blip of intuition that rises up from within.

For those not yet convinced that we are in the midst of great evolutionary change, I encourage you to get out of town and visit areas that have historically attracted spiritual seekers and adventurers. Turn off your cell phone and your radio, open to whatever gifts Creator chooses to bestow upon you, listen with a deep and open heart, and allow yourself to find connection and re-membering around every corner. Let yourself sink into the mysteries held in rock and stone, water, earth and sky; embrace the freedom of living outside of time; and if you are offered the magic of the bowls…

…by all means, dig in!

4 thoughts

  1. Welcome to Torrey – you continually blow my mind in the best possible type of explosion. Whenever I start to wonder, “where’s Rachel these days?”, I find that once again you are more than fine, making something wonderful out of molecules of thin air. Good on ya, sistah!!


  2. I feel the essence of life and age-old wisdom in stones. What an adventure! Please continue the story of your trip in these blog-pages …


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