we’re not in kansas anymore, toto!

No, we’re in south central Utah, where Time has a way of standing still, speeding up, and often bypassing you altogether.

Now officially into Week Two of the mystical southwest road trip — and it’s been, what?, three minutes? three years? three millennia? I’ve tried numerous times to update my blog, only to find it impossible to say everything and no-thing, incomprehensible to put into words the richness and multi-dimensionality of my experiences and those of my friends.

My roadtrip buddy and I took the Tibetan healing bowls to Utah’s Goblin Valley State Park, where we hung out among thousands of “goblins” — eventually stumbling upon a cave with an interior chamber that reeked of primal birthing rituals and journeys through gateways into alternate realities. Michael anointed it The Cave of the Heart, and only after leaving behind my fears of heights (depths?), darkness (light?), insufficient physical prowess and a right knee that didn’t seem to want to cooperate, was I finally able to navigate the birth canal. Truly, is Life nothing more than a series of interconnected metaphors?

(I tried in vain to bring over a fabulous picture that captures the flavor of Goblin Valley; here’s a link to a black-and-white photo that comes close.)

We have created (so far) five gatherings for individuals and groups to receive the harmonic frequency gifts offered by the Tibetan bowls — and every time, someone invariably asks, “Can we do this every day?” Assisting as others tune in to their own soul signatures and find that stillpoint of relaxing in the essence of who they truly are – is a pure joy (and a kick in the pants besides)! Like fingerprints, snowflakes, every experience is one-of-a-kind: Personally, I seem to “leave the room” instantly, and then spend most of the time intermittently snoring and giggling (or so I am told).

Integration of the Divine masculine and Divine feminine is a recurring theme. Women (of all ages) seeking to connect up with their “Dream Man,” who can first be found only within their own beingness. Men yearning to step into a full-throated path of manhood, with only the slightest inkling that the Lost Boy within must first call off the search to find the all-nurturing Mother outside of themselves.

Clearing out the old programs, the old ways of thinking and believing, the labels and pigeonholes that have held us captive for so long…

…and embodying the integrated experience of Heaven and Earth within, Masculine and Feminine within, God & Goddess and Creator, Created, and Creation: this is the Work calling to those who yearn to live a path of wholeness in every moment.

How do I explain the deep and abiding peace that arises after experiencing myself as a primal wolf chewing off my own leg to escape a leghold trap? How can words express the unmistakable presence of angels entering the room as a troubled woman is lifted up by the magnified love of her two beautiful daughters?

To honor the day, the time, and the opportunity, here is the word Shift.


Shift your consciousness. See circles instead of boxes, see rolling hills instead of straight lines. Shift your very way of looking at things. See webs of interconnectedness with no one on top and no one on the bottom. Shift your orientation. See families of all shapes, sizes, colors, and persuasions. Shift your perspective. Rethink your views on people, on institutions, on social issues. Shift. Move over a hair and stand outside and beside yourself. Watch how you take in information; watch your immediate reaction to familiar things. Now in the smallest way, shift. Imperceptibly shift. Then watch everyone else around you shifting, too.

This word of the day excerpted from my book, Words of Wisdom for Women (2003, Fall River Press), featured in the right-hand sidebar with a direct link to barnes&noble.com.

7 thoughts

  1. Frank,

    Thanks for checking in. Nope, no secret codes. The journey of this past month took me away from my regular blogging routine – and I admit I’m challenged to get back on track. Everything is different now, and I’m feeling my way through changes in who I am, how I live, and how I express my gifts. Until I settle into a home base here in Colorado, my blogging may continue to be a bit mercurial. Perhaps the Solar Eclipse at the end of this week portends new blogging energy. Then again, who’s to say? Everything is, of course, in perfect order. As we speak, I’m preparing a new blog post…


  2. Morning Rachel! This is Frank, Michael’s Spiritual friend, a fellow soul! Where is your Journey now taking you. I’ve missed your input on this website. Or perhaps it requires a password code??? May Creator bless the Rainbow Path you each walk in your own uniquely God given gifts for ALL. Happy Trails, Tousinau…


  3. Brother Michael & Rachel! Evidently you’ve chosen a Tigress by her tales, a remarkable buddy for Utah. I admire you oh Pyramid~+~Bowl Pipe Carrier. May both your bowls runith over with joy serving others. Bring her to Red Star Lodge from the depths of your White
    & Heart Cave. Mitakuye Oyasin! Namaste! Happy Trails!
    Ikce Wicasa Frank


  4. Just wanted to stop by and leave a quick note Hello Rachel. Been way to busy to visit and catch up. Although I have seen and read your comments on Outdoors2. Summer time is a hectic,But controlled time for me. Hope Your trip goes well and I’ll get back as soon as time allows.

    Enjoy your journey



  5. Beauty. Indescribable. I can see it, feel it, experience it in all the dimensions.

    All my support and encouragement flies on wings to you wherever you are. Keep writing of your journey!


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