catching breath at the rest stop of existence!

For those of you who have wondered whether my roadtrip buddy (Michael) and I were trapped in some 9th-dimensional slot canyon, you’re right!

For those of you who took the high road, presuming that we were safe and well and having the experience of several lifetimes, you, too, are correct!

After 24 days on the road, we have landed in the Denver/Boulder area, where we have been blessed for several days with a beautiful house in which to slowly re-assimilate into the world of roofs, cars, highways, electricity, and those rooms where hot- and cold-running water come out through a hole in the wall! (Much gratitude, JohnnieV!)

Ah, Laundry!

Sorry for not staying in touch more often. So much was going on every day and every night — most of it inexpressible in words (even for me!). Add to that the inconsistency of finding internet access in places where I could sit down and sort out my thoughts on it all —

— and you get the picture!

Still dependent on libraries and other WIFI outlets (where I have the darnedest time putting words to these powerful images), and our attention is now turned to finding a suitable base camp (or, alternately, getting back on the road and doing our three-state loop in reverse!).

My soon-to-be-a-senior-in-high-school daughter arrives back in the states soon after what sounds like a life-changing experience in a language-immersion, community service, and adventure program in Costa Rica, so there are many stories to be swapped all-around.

I will be sharing images, visions, words, and thoughts as I am able, and hopefully, soon. This remarkable journey allowed me to gather up fragments of myself that were scattered through Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. I touched deep places where the Spirit Ancestors spoke to me with clarity and direction, and reconnected with parts of the Earth that I have carried for eternities. Everything I have ever spoken about on this blog came forth in potent and powerful ways, where I could heal what needed to be healed and embrace what needed to be embraced.

More to come, friends. I have missed my blog, my studio, my gallery, my community. Y’all come back now, y’hear?

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