try not to try too hard: india arie sings james taylor’s secret o’ life

When I’m doing my deepest inner excavations and rebirthing (as in now!), soulful music like this helps to keep it all in perspective. This beautiful James Taylor ballad, set to the stylings of diva India Arie, is chock-full of the wisdom of the ages. Meanwhile, I’m pondering changes in my blogsite that will best reflect the transformational changes I’m currently weeping, blasting, and gliding through. Enjoy and remember the second part of the be whole now mantra: Listen Well.

This video was created by muller1007 from a 2006 tribute
to the inimitable James Taylor, and features his own band.

If the video is “no longer available,”
try the youtube link (below).

To watch it on youtube, click here.

3 thoughts

  1. I had never heard this before but I love it! I’ve enjoyed looking around on this site, I feel like there is a lot left to see as well!

    Thank you for the kind comments as well. It means a lot to me that my blogs can be read and, not only make sense, but also invoke some sort of thought. I really appreciate all you’ve said!


    1. wshep87,

      On your own musical journey, remember to stop by and drink up the riches of the ’60s. Lots of prophets and seers back then guided a generation of hearts and spirits through great times of transition. Now, the torch is yours to carry…(:


  2. I do believe some of us–and I’ll let you direct your own confessions on this matter as you will–began listening to James Taylor long before most of the people reading our blogs were born.

    Stylings based on his work often miss the focus and ambiance of the man, but here Arie has added to the canon, and added well. Thanks for sharing this.



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