your personal evolution is not a solo act

I have just been assisted through a challenging, transformative period
by two extraordinarily gifted women — once again reminding me
of the unquestionable importance of skilled and compassionate support at
critical junctures along the pathway of the soul’s journey.
In a day or two, I’ll tell you more about them, but for now, a poetic reminder.

The mosaic NASA image is “the sharpest wide-angle view ever obtained of the magnificent starburst galaxy, Messier 82 (M82). Throughout the galaxy’s center, young stars are being born 10 times faster than they are inside our entire Milky Way Galaxy.” Click on the picture to link to more…

If you feel lost and alone,
You must remove your blinders and see!
There are allies stationed around you,
Legions of light poised to stave off interference
And an endless supply of love to anoint your every scrape and scar.

If you feel that you have been cast adrift in murky waters,
You must turn your gaze in another direction!
There are shafts of brilliance penetrating the darkness,
Beacons of light sweeping the horizon
And a beckoning doorway to safe passage and the comfort of deep home.

If you feel a mismatch to your very existence,
Tethered to oppressive ballast while true attachment eludes you,
Held at bay just outside the open doorway to your dreams,
Shackled to ancient pain that feels not of your own making
You must choose a different way!
There are armies of support waiting patiently beyond the limits of your imagination,
Formless forces ready to work through the night to soothe your unsettled being,
Deftly stitch the tattered strings of your heart
Resuscitate a spirit wan and pale
And reweave a soul wearied by compromise.

Every misstep is worthy of forgiveness,
For every drama, the curtain falls and order is restored,
Resolution peeks out from behind a rusted gate,
Eager to clasp hands with conflict and confrontation.

Creation in all its infinite glory has not forsaken you,
The skies teem with every manner of assistance you have ever dared to pray for!
Etched upon each is your name and eternal address,
The spark that ignites your reborning but this:

Your cry: I am ready!
The moment is love.

6 thoughts

  1. That’s what it all boils down to – LOVE.

    An excellent post from a writer/poet I’m just starting to get to know. I’ve been reading some of your work. I just feel my vocabulary is too inadequate to accurately describe what you have here. Love the image too – the wonder of the universe… or is it the “multiverse”?

    I’ll keep coming back here to try to get to know “you” better.


    1. @Earthianne,

      Yes, language is quickly becoming inadequate to describe much of what we are experiencing, isn’t it? What will happen to our beloved blogosphere when we all simply communicate telepathically? Perhaps we’ll spend more time with trees and flowers – and less time with computers… :) I look forward to seeing you here again — and will try to visit you, too.


  2. Rachel,
    I will link to this at some point too…maybe next week…your words strongly resonate with me…

    I post inspirational material routinely. I will spend more time in your archives as time allows…

    so glad we “met” out here in cyberspace.


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