stretch break: are you truly seeking breakthrough change?

Spirit Guides and Sunflowers by Raffi Kalenderian
Spirit Guides and Sunflowers by Raffi Kalenderian

As promised, I am spotlighting two highly skilled and gifted women who are committed to assisting those ready to move into greater levels of living, loving, and creating.

Labels don’t work very well when talking about Dawn Knapp and Gail Kahl. The two women have never met, never worked together, yet I called them both in as a “tag team” recently, when I felt I was truly ready to blast through some major gunk holding me back from creating everything I have envisioned for my life. Both women are based in the US, and offer remote work no matter where you are. Both are open to working with you if you have financial challenges.

It’s almost easier to say what you won’t get from either one of them. You won’t be healed or fixed or asked to sign up for any kind of program or buy any books, tapes, or DVDs. There will be no endless rehashing of childhood experiences, no reruns of everybody and everything you feel has wronged, abandoned, or screwed you over. You will be treated with respect and compassion, and you will receive exactly what you need at every level — even if you are hesitant and resistant at the outset.

I have worked with Dawn for over 10 years, and have mentioned her on this blog before. Her approach will strike you as gentle and remarkably subtle – yet if you are ready for transformation, she will support you to highly tangible and effective ends.

Dawn’s mission is to support you in releasing whatever is obstructing your pathway to greater bliss and joy. Her work is more about “getting it gone,” than it is about identifying, naming, or pigeonholing. Dawn, like Gail, works directly with your higher self, your soul, that essential “you” that remains pure and unsullied by the slings and arrows of daily existence. She will not befuddle you with mumbo-jumbo. If you need to talk, Dawn will listen without judgment as her questions help you move to a greater level of honesty with yourself. On Dawn’s website, she has posted my testimony (as well as that of others) re: the potency of her work. Whether you are stuck on physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, soul, or sub-atomic levels, Dawn will midwife you toward the essential truth that is YOU.

Dawn has a website here, and her blog, Peaceful Ecstasy, can be found right here.

I have been hearing about Gail Kahl’s Clearing & Shielding work for months. In the area of Colorado where I am based, a widening circle of friends and acquaintances have benefited from her assistance, but the time didn’t feel appropriate for me to contact her until a couple of weeks ago.

Gail works directly with the Archangels in clearing out any dark energy that has attached to your life or your home residence. If you consider yourself a Lightworker or are otherwise conscious of your commitment to live in service to Love, the Light, or the Christ Consciousness, you are likely to resonate with Gail’s work. You, however, must be prepared to take full responsibility for what you have created in your life — and this is true when you work with Dawn, as well! — and you must also have a fervent desire to begin creating from a different foundation.

I have experienced numerous clearings over the years, yet none has included the “Permanent Shielding” that Gail’s work offers. If your left brain enjoys lots of detailed information, presented in relative values as well as details regarding your soul journey, you will be comfortable working with Gail. If you embrace a larger context in which forces of dark and light exist both within and outside of you, you may well be a match for Gail. Of course, if this approach is entirely new to you, yet you feel called to explore it nonetheless, Gail will explain her context to you in a grounded manner that will leave you nodding and saying, “Well, of course, that makes perfect sense.”

Gail does not yet have an Internet presence, and can be reached via email: Please tell her I sent you.

The time has come for each of us to fully empower ourselves and to create lives of sovereignty even as we join together in expanding pockets of community. That means taking care of yourself at every level, be it physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, or in the daily rhythms of family, work, home, and material life. My previous post addressed, via poetry, how much loving support is available for you! This post focuses directly on two places where you can find help in accessing that support.

If you would like to ask me any questions regarding either of these women and my experiences with them, you can submit your question(s) in a Comment. All Comments come directly to me first before appearing publicly. If you prefer that your questions not be posted on the blog, let me know.

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