election day 2008: the heart-opening energy of true change

See slideshow of Tears for Obama
See slideshow of Tears for Obama

Just about everything that can be said about the Presidential election has now been said. For a poignant look at how people are responding with their hearts as well as their minds to the power of potential that Barack Obama represents, click on over to this short slideshow at The Huffington Post titled “Tears for Obama.

When I saw Sen. Obama just over a week ago in Colorado, I, too, observed many (including, of course, me!) with tears streaming down our faces. In the Be Whole Now universe, what you feel is at least as important as what you think! It’s time to let your heart and your head dance together.

Meanwhile, I am on the island of Cozumel, Mexico, with a group of about 40 women from throughout the States. We are sharing an extraordinary experience of community, marked by our commonalities as women, daughters, and (for some) mothers, rather than our differences of age, background, demographics, or other externals. More from Cozumel soon! BTW, yes, of course, I early voted…

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