your three words for today: question. push. empower.

Today feels newer, bigger, and more significant than just one word! Here’s a trio, all taken from my book, 365 Words of Well-Being for Women (McGraw-Hill softcover version, $12.95) / Words of Wisdom for Women (Barnes & Noble hardcover version $7.98). It’s for the feminine in us all, the masculine in us all, and every stripe and hue and gradation in between. Don’t let a few tiny pronouns get in your way of reclaiming your personal power and moving into a more expansive, more satisfying experience of life. Your local bookseller can easily find this book, too! Just ask.


Never stop asking. Ask who you are, why you’re here, what your life’s purpose is all about — and be perfectly content not to know any of the answers. Ask Why me? Why her? Why not them? Question your motives and those of others. Is your intention pure? Question why the woman down the street with yellow curtains at her window makes you remorseful about your younger sister. Just question; the answer may take months or years to present itself. Question why others have what you so desperately want — and then question why you so desperately want it. Sit with not knowing, as difficult and frustrating as it feels. Sit. Without questions, how will you ever stumble onto any answers? Don’t rush toward resolution. At the heart of every question lies a greater quest.


Sometimes now and then, you’ve just got to push. Push yourself to make it over the finish line. Push yourself to make your deadline. Push yourself up over Heartbreak Hill. Push yourself to stand without crutches. Push yourself to try! Come on, push a little harder. Push your body. Push your brain a little further. Push the limits of your endurance. Dig way down deep and push. Roll back the stone that’s blocking your way. Push! Push through the roadblocks — real or imagined — that say you can’t make it. Push! Push past indecision and confusion. Push on. Push yourself to get it done. Come on, push just a little harder. Everybody’s pulling for you, now push!


Empower yourself to take full and complete charge of your life. Reclaim the personal power that you never should have lost in the first place — and come to know that you never really did. Feel the breadth of your own power: the power to feel deeply, the power to trust your own voice, the power to create and bring forth life. Learn the true meaning of power: how to use it and not abuse it; how to stand in your power without stepping on anyone else’s. Join with others to empower each other. Summon up the inner will to co-create meaningful and joy-filled lives. Empower yourself to take control of your financial life and to prevent others from taking control of your emotional life. Remember: You have the power to empower, and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise has absolutely no power over you.

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