where in the heck has rachel been?

While my blog remained dormant for over a month, I was anything but.

The good news is that people continued to explore the site, with or without me. It’s like having a storefront and even if you’re away, everyone can find the key under the mat and just let themselves in.

My November journey covered thousands of air miles, hundreds of road miles, and untold miles on the endless journey of self-knowing and integration.  Along the way, my father, a proud World War II veteran whose sometimes-gruff exterior could not ultimately hide his tender and caring heart, passed away peacefully at age 89. I am certain he’s now enjoying a fabulous salami sandwich with a kosher pickle and a cold brew as he continues to touch lives in new ways. Rest in peace, Dad; I Love you forever.

Please check out “the best gift: a storypoem about receiving,” which is perfect for this time of year and a great read-aloud piece for holiday gatherings. It lives in the right-hand sidebar under my picture, in the PAGES section.

Also, now residing in the PAGES section is “until then, maintain your faith: inner strength for troubling times.” Another uplifting read just right for today.

I am grateful for your continued support of my work, and look forward to sharing new insights and inspiration as they unfold.

4 thoughts

  1. Hope-filled prayers, positive thoughts, good vibes, peaceful energy, and above all I can offer, a spirit of love, love, love for your father and your family.


  2. Thanks for the kind words, giannakali. As for the stories, LOL! Sometimes even I can’t find the words — but I’ll try to oblige in the days/weeks to come.


  3. where has rachel been?

    yeah, I have been asking that…nice to see you back…I’ve missed you…I check your feed every day

    so sorry about your Dad…glad it was peaceful and that he clearly had a long life…


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