your word of the day: satisfy

Here’s your word for today, shown from two different angles.

First, with thanks to DR for sharing this quote regarding a warrior’s destiny, by Italian psychiatrist and Kabbalist Dr. Roberto Assagioli (1888-1974):

“Yet, try as he may, he cannot return to his old state; he has seen the vision, and its beauty and power to attract remain with him in spite of his efforts to suppress it.  He cannot accept everyday life as before, or be satisfied by it.”

Second, my take on the word, excerpted from my book, 365 Words of Well-Being for Women (McGraw-Hill/Contemporary, 1997):


Satisfy all your hungers — your hunger to love
and be loved, your hunger to be touched in the
most passionate way, your hunger to create,
your hunger to understand. Feed them well
and often. Satisfy your curiosity. Ask lots of
questions and don’t stop asking until you’re
satisfied with the answers. Satisfy all your
desires. Do it before you satisfy everyone
else’s. Scratch the itch that’s been bugging
you for all these years. The itch to graduate,
the itch to take the controls of a plane in
flight, to take to the road, to reach the
summit of Denali. Satisfy that powerful urge
to start a fresh, new page in your life or an
entire new chapter. Stop searching for that
one person who can satisfy your every need.
You’ll never find that person outside of
yourself, and if you did, you’d never be
satisfied, anyway.

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