life in three words: journey, frustration, opportunity

Just to put it all in perspective, three Words of Well-Being(tm) from one of my currently-out-of-print books. Nothing you don’t already know, but given the darkening days of December and the tumultuous goings-on in the political and economic corners of our world, it seems a good time for a reminder.

The Journey Of Love Shane/Tamamura
The Journey Of Love, Shane/Tamamura

My search for evocative art to accompany my posts has led me to the rich work of Sybil Shane and Miyu Tamamura — here expressed in sumi ink and hand-painted on silk. It was excrutiating yet delicious to choose one piece from the galleries found here at If you love the potent minimalism of this print and other Japanese-inspired design, be certain to visit the website, savor the art, and read of Sybil’s own journey. Even though today’s words are not specific to Love, surely Love is a core element in the Be Whole Now universe.


Your life is a journey. It will take you from mountain to desert, from fertile fields to dusty plains. At times you may feel lost and unsure of your way, but the journey will always continue. Even when you feel that everything has stopped, that you must be going in the wrong direction — that, too, is a part of your journey. You may travel alone for miles, and then join up with companions. The road will fork and some will leave your company never to be heard from again. Journeys never follow the shortest distance between two points. They wind and twist and meander, and the scenery changes moment by moment, hour by hour, year after year as you traverse a many-faceted landscape. When you grow tired of the journey, when you are disheartened and feel that you cannot go on, find a place to rest and be nourished. Come back to your heart; retouch the why you continue. Take pause and marvel at this journey you’re on.


Frustration has its place. It can create sufficient pressure to push you to a point where you know that you won’t take it anymore. Managed properly, the energy of frustration can provide high-octane fuel to propel you into healthier new directions. What frustrates you most? If you’re frustrated that they don’t listen to you, maybe you’re not speaking as clearly as you believe. If your frustration comes from a sense of being pulled in every direction, maybe it’s a message that you’re not sufficiently attending to your center. When you feel a growing sense of frustration around the heavy burden you think you have to carry alone, chances are good you’re finally ready to lighten up and share the load. Frustration can be the spark that ignites a smoldering fire. Listen to the story your frustration is trying to tell you. Blow off a little steam and you can use frustration well.


Opportunity abounds, wearing many guises. That mishap with the stove is your opportunity to focus yourself and pay greater attention. The brouhaha at the bank isn’t a disaster; it’s your chance to get a better handle on your financial affairs. Got some serious news from your doctor? Don’t miss the opportunity to begin a healthier lifestyle. If you’re given the opportunity to rise above a prickly situation, take it. What appears to be a loss of security is yet another opportunity to get clear about who or what you can truly depend on. Do you feel conflict all around you? It may be your golden opportunity to grow into a fully realized human being, surrounded by others who share your deepest values. Opportunity lurks around corners and waits for you under the stairs where it’s oh-so easy to avoid. Set your intention to hear the call of opportunity. When opportunity comes knocking, get out of the shower and answer the door.

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