stretch break: angel meditation video by ted chambers

If you’re looking for somewhere to go other than the shopping mall, check out this experimental video (8:29) by videographer Ted Chambers. No fluffy white wings or affirmations here! Chambers calls his colored light art creation “ambient minimalism to the max.” The words “psychedelic” and “trippy” are among his descriptors, too — and I would throw in “kaleidoscopic” just for good measure. Come on now, stretch beyond your usual boundaries and see what you find!

More by Ted Chambers here at his youtube channel.

8 thoughts

  1. listened to this and just felt the need to write whilst listening, amazing words have been written, just got lost within the music, beautiful, thank you Debbie x


  2. Such an awesome blog. I am working on my own blog and your’s is such an inspiration. Search for Ted Chamber’s videos and found your blog here.
    Would love to make your acquaintance – is there a way we can start a conversation – here or some where more private. My website that you know who I am. It is such an inspiring energy what is flowing out from here. I would love to share it on my blog as well. (Published in a few weeks)


  3. Looks as though these three comments by arbeni nevolan vushtrri are in Arabic, Farsi, or another Middle Eastern language? Can anyone help with the translation?


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