india arie, rumi, writing, automotivology, forgiveness, & remembering who you are: favorite posts of 2008

Even though be whole now is not yet a year old (like me, my blog is a Piscean), the start of this sure-to-be-unforgettable new year is a good time to unearth and recycle some memorable posts from 2008.

Here are a few of my favorites, based on a purely non-scientific selection process.

1. I never tire of watching diva India Arie sing the James Taylor classic, The Secret O’ Life. Every word speaks directly to my soul. Maybe yours, too? Click right here and enjoy!

2. My poem, I Had Forgotten, But Now I Remember, came through after a particularly momentous breakthrough session with intuitive healer/midwife of the soul Dawn Knapp.  Choosing to remember may just be Job #1 on the path to wholeness: find the poem here.

BTW, you can learn more about Dawn’s work over here (

3. In the post, ordinary oracles: the tao of automobiles, I donned my robe to give uncannily accurate automotivology readings. If you’re stuck in neutral, seem to be going backwards, or have a tendency to veer off the road, check out this post. Personal readings still available, although they now come with a request for donation.

4. I could never forgive myself if I didn’t include my prayer for radical forgiveness in my list of favorites for 2008.

5. Intelligent inspiration for writers with new resolve to write! Here is a reprise of my 20th-century essay, voice lessons: finding your inner writer.

6. Rumi’s expression of Divine love never goes out of style! Click here to visit (or revisit) my post, this Rumi poem & video ought to be rated R for Ravishing!

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