you are not complete unless you take action!

If you want to move forward with your journey, now is the time for embodied expression. Come out of your cave; leave your meditations and rituals behind; and jump into a potent engagement with the world around you!

At every turn, say Yes! to whatever lights you up — and simply say “No, Thanks” to situations, people, or places that feel annoying, irritating, or just not right. Really, it can be that easy — as well as excrutiatingly difficult!

If you have been faithful to the work of “being whole now,” there is a vast and glorious new world awaiting at your feet.  If you’ve still got some inner work to do – some more releasing and clearing – there are many people who can assist you, including some in the sidebar on this blog. What are you waiting for?

If you continue to hold on to old visions and wonder why nothing is coming together – you may not be quite as open and prepared to surrender as you believe yourself to be. Detailed laundry lists of what you want, where you want it, how you want it, and and who you want it with — are no longer as appropriate as they once were. Take a single baby step in the direction you want to go – and stop obsessing about all the details in between.

Have you taken action steps? Have you overridden your fears and old attachments when a new, golden opportunity presented itself? Or, is there still a wide gulf between your talk and your walk? Have you continued to predicate your life decisions on money and a prehistoric view of security — even as you claim to be living the principles  of Universal Laws? Have you read all the books, attended all the workshops, and intellectually discussed myriad philosophies and approaches to living a magnificent life — yet have stopped short of embracing these energies into your actual, physical beingness?

Trust me, I have slogged through times high and low, and have crashed against the ceiling of my own bliss time after time for decades, even lifetimes. I have called in support when I needed it – or more often, I simply hunkered down and blasted my way through alone. Along the way, I was judged, chastised, misrepresented, praised, and adored. You might be, too, but don’t take it personally.

When friends invited me to manifestation circles and goddess rituals and monthly visioning gatherings and meditations, I declined time and again. I was filled with the experience of doing life:  planting seeds, developing proposals, creating new circles of community, and shedding old, unproductive ways of being. I have long maintained that there is no physical or mental work as challenging and rigorous as the inner and outer work we undertake as evolving souls.

Your path, of course,  is your own — and may bear no resemblance whatsoever to mine. But just for informational purposes, here’s a bit of what’s been happening for me:

The other day, I volunteered for 16 hours, helping feed firefighters and other emergency personnel battling a 3,000-acre wildfire licking at the edges of the small city in which I live. All because when I was called to jump in my car last spring and volunteer for The Salvation Army at a tornado-ravaged site a hundred miles away, I leaped into service, trusting that gas money would show up to get me there over the space of two weeks!

This past month, I discovered an immediate sense of belonging in a tiny, rural community four–and-a-half hours away, and am beginning to create a business and gathering spot there with support from an elder couple I met over Thanksgiving — a synchronistic result of my spontaneous choice to attend a holiday retreat at a New Mexico  inter-denominational conference center I learned about from some women I met in Cozumel, (Old) Mexico — where I found myself in November through a series of amazing miracles borne out of connections developed in the early 1990s and dormant for years. Never would I have been able to devise such an intricate plan, but that’s where the astonishing efficiency of the Universe gets to shine!

After six months of being home-free by choice, and answering post after post on craigslist, interviewing others for possible house-shares, migrating on a weekly or daily basis to housesitting jobs, road trips, or friend’s couches, I closed out 2008 by finally locating a home base situation that perfectly suits my needs. Along the way, I bounced from elated to weary, clear to questioning, yet I held out, trudged on, until my heart and spirit cried out in a resounding “Yes!” and I knew I had arrived exactly where I am supposed to be for now. Had I fallen prey to desperation, I surely would be less content today.

When my father passed in early November, I resisted the strings of guilt and misunderstanding heaped upon me by family members who live their lives from a wholly different operating system than I do. I maintained my connection with my Dad at higher levels, shared exquisite moments with him even as his soul had begun to leave his body, and connected with the experience as befitted my expanded journey. Pulled between obligation and deeper knowing, I stayed true to my path and now continue to exchange infinite love and support with my father, absent the limitations of the physical body.

Face it: You know what is not working for you right now — even if you don’t know where you would rather be.  Taking even a tiny step away from what feels unmistakably wrong, is a step in the right direction.

If you feel a knot in your stomach or clog in your throat or pain in your ass when you review your longheld ideas, plans, or goals, heed what your body is telling you! Disengage and become involved somehow, somewhere, in something that refreshes and invigorates you.

Get involved with your community, or go find a new one. Freely offer your gifts and talents — without sinking into the muck of the compensation question. Build or create something from the ground up – physically, metaphorically, or artistically. Do something that frightens you, that you have resisted forever. Just Do Something!

I have for years found great resonance with the “energy alerts” of Karen Bishop,who hangs her hat in my own beloved Southwestern US.  Her previous website, “What’s Up On Planet Earth?” was frequently spot-on with my own experiences. Even while speaking of the spiritual ascension process, she comes across as grounded, practical, and very much in tune with the process of bringing heaven to earth in your own life.

She’s got a new website, including updated messages called WINGS; you can go to here.

What are you waiting for? Get up and move…

2 thoughts

  1. hey Rachel…haven’t had my computer with my feeds on it lately…so I’m a bit late to this…

    nice to hear your “voice” again which comes through your writing so loudly…



  2. You know I am with ya, sistah; arm in arm, listening to your call that refines my way and kicks my ass. I am so happy that you are in the ‘hood, and in the world, constantly blowing my mind when it gets muddied and bloodied by the road.


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