stretch break: the triple crown of transformation

Starwings, by Lexi Sundell
Starwings, by Lexi Sundell

Here’s the latest stretch break — introducing you to people, concepts, modalities, or expressions that might be a tad outside your usual comfort zone…

…or might be the perfect frequency match you’ve been seeking. Either way, if you’re ready to shed your old, stale, ways of being and move (with as much ease and grace as possible) into a new level of living, you’ve come to the right place.

Meet three astoundingly gifted women who work separately and together with some potent, multidimensional material that I can’t come close to explaining: Aleya Dao of California, and gia combs-ramirez and Lexi Sundell, both of Montana.

In the past month or so (while I was moving through a particularly gooey metamorphosis), I personally experienced the mere tip of the iceberg of the transformational healing wisdom, insight, beliefs, protocols, and techniques that these women bring to the planet — and my world has shifted exponentially because of it.

If you are comfortable with multidimensional modalities that incorporate sound healing, light language, sacred geometric healing chambers and the like, you will feel right at home with any or all of these women.

If you’re wondering what the heck any of that means, stretch yourself and check it out anyway! If you are truly ready for real change, you will quickly become comfortable with the joyful, gentle, grounded, no-nonsense manner in which these women operate. This is energy work for people who want results and are ready to take an active role in creating their own transformation.

You can explore more at these three sites, all of which have also been added to my Links toward the bottom of the right-hand sidebar under the Higher Vibration & Multidimensional category:

Learn about Crystalline Consciousness Technique ™, co-founded by gia combs-ramirez and Lexi Sundell via a massive download of higher-level physics, right here. You can even sample a free mini-session online, plus link over to more of gia’s work, including the Science of Energy Healing Mentoring Program.

Explore The Journey Work, available through online teleconferences and pre-recorded sessions facilitated by Aleya Dao and gia combs-ramirez, right here. This work assists in recalibrating individuals as well as groups.

Discover Lexi Sundell’s art- which is featured here on Be Whole Now for the second time – and also check out her Energy & Growth offerings. You’ve gotta love a site that integrates flyfishing and crystalline energy work in one place!

Plans are afoot for Lexi to offer beginning and intermediate CCT ™ training in April or May (tbd) in the Boulder, Colorado area. If you resonate with this work (note:  CEU credit is available for some health/wellness professionals), contact Lexi or leave a comment here and I’ll be sure it gets to her.

I don’t let just anybody mess around in my energy fields — and I am delighted to add this powerful triad to the list of people I recommend heartily and without reservation.

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