walk your talk: the moment is now

I have just returned home from a quick trip to Springfield, Massachusetts, where I had the privilege of presenting my “Woman! What Are You Waiting For? ™” talk to a group of over 100 women. (Including “The World Needs You Now,” which you can read right here.)

I was inspired by so many of these courageous individuals!

— Blessings! to the woman who brought the eight caregivers who had helped her care for her dying mother (who passed just 3 weeks ago);

– Courage! to the woman who stood up in front of strangers and in her own shaky voice, pledged to let go of old feelings of unworthiness and start loving herself;

— Yay! to the woman, recently retired, who stood up and promised herself to make that first phone call to become the patient advocate she has long envisioned herself becoming;

— Yes! to the woman who wrote that she no longer will simply envision her organic farm and cows and chickens – but will begin now to garden in a small yet intentional way right where she lives…and to the woman who said she will no longer wait until she is “perfect” to create her own life.

Each woman who stood and delivered her pledge to Just Say Yes! was supported and uplifted by raucous applause, cheers, and standing ovations! Through the speaking of truth, we created a supportive and loving community in the space of one hour.

I came home reminded of the infinite power, resiliency, and resourcefulness of the human spirit — and have begun creating a sister blog to this one where women (and men, too, of course!) can declare that they are taking their dreams and visions off the back burner, pulling their authentic selves out from the back of the closet…

…and taking small yet intentional steps toward embracing their truth and creating the lives they were put here to live!

Brava! to the women of western Massachusetts who touched me in so many ways. While we await the birth of the new sister blogsite, here are some words to support you in your walk toward wholeness.


Anytime you tell others that you are walking your talk, you are talking too much.

Where your feet go is the only true measure of whether you are moving through your life with integrity. When the thread from thought to word to deed is taut and strong, your alignment does not waver.

Every time you do not walk your talk, you create imbalance.
Every time you do not walk your talk, you create struggle.
Every time you do not walk your talk, you come up empty-handed and wondering why.

Do what you are called to do. Listen to your heart and your belly!

It’s not a conversation. It’s not an intention that simply hangs suspended in the air in front of you. It’s not a 5-year plan. It’s an action, taken now, in this moment, to move you forward.

Start the journey with a single step.

Take whatever step shows up for you. If you are drawn to call someone, pick up the phone. If you have an undeniable urge to go somewhere in particular or nowhere at all in particular, go there.

Don’t ask why.
Don’t rationalize.
Don’t waste your mind and your time creating a profit-and-loss analysis.

Follow the thread from thought to action. Follow the action through to its natural completion and then wait until you are called to the next action. In all things living, the outbreath follows the in. Wait with patience, with trust and with no attachment to the outcome.

Then do it all over again.

Every moment gives you the opportunity to check your balance and your alignment. Doesn’t your very life deserve the same attention you give to the tires on your car?

If someone were to trace the thread from what you have said publicly or privately, what sort of trail would lead to your footsteps? A clear, direct path? A meandering walk marked by deadends, switchbacks and roadblocks?

Or would the thread of your words stop short without any connectivity whatsoever to your actions?

Is it fair to hold you accountable for every word you utter?

It’s more than fair.
As of this moment, it’s mandatory.

And the one you must satisfy, the one who will most hold you to that accountability…

…is You.

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