the limitless you

Supernova Blast Bonanza in Nearby Galaxy, NASA

whatever chains have held you in limitation
cut them now
whatever boundaries have kept you from the full freedom of glorious self-expression
step lightly over them now
no boxes can hold the limitless you

whatever unspoken truth has clogged your way
speak it now
whatever pain has tautened the tender edges of your heart
release it now
nothing of the past can hold the limitless you

if you have tried in vain
try again now
if every door remained closed and every knock went unanswered
knock gently now
the All henceforth embraces the limitless you

whoever wasn’t listening then
is prepared to hear you now
whoever assumed the right of judgment over you
is ripe for reconsideration now
the way has been paved for the limitless you

relinquish attachment
receive infinitum
cease barren cycles
endow expectation
sow joy over gleanings
reap copious comfort

the world now welcomes with homage the limitless you

One thought

  1. Every phrase of this makes my heart shout, “yes”! Today, as I paint, as I breathe in and out, as I interact with the other Limitless, I will remember my own. Thank you my dear.


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