this is how easy it is

you agree to attend the occasion of your own birth
drop your rsvp into the mailbox of becoming
lay aside old masks and shrouds
and refashion the very skin that contains your bag of bones

you recognize that every moment offers you a choice
you choose
you choose again
and wallow neither in remorse nor regret

this is how easy it is

you declare i will instead of mewling could I?
take ownership of the i am and relinquish whatever
lean into the landscape mere inches from your face
lick yourself clean anew and unfold your trembling legs

you unshroud your heart
cast aside the obsolete boxes and labels that hold you captive
instinctively feel your way beyond the darkness
and rise up to the zenith of your full, unfettered nature

this is how easy it is

you observe without judgment
walk away unstrung when inspired
deeply embody instead of interminably intellectualizing
and smile as you pass your own reflection coming and going

you say yes when you mean yes
when you mean no
i don’t know is always appropriate
living a lie for others is a pitiful projection of self-loathing

how easy is it?

you introduce your overworked mind to your underattended soul
ask the question and instantly know you possess the answer
seek wisdom within instead of desperately polling the masses
appreciate the utter perfection that drips from your every cell
and refuse to spotlight your so-called failings
at the expense of the divinity that rests at your core

you disconnect from the heretofore-agreed-upon reality
unbuckle your harness
freefall with your heart galloping wildly in your mouth
feel the terror of unadulterated freedom
and trust and pray and pray and trust without end

you listen wholeheartedly to the silence
you listen longer
you breathe in, breathe out
and harmonize while sustaining your singular pitch

you recognize that every moment offers you a choice
you choose
you choose again
and wallow neither in remorse nor regret

this is how easy it is

4 thoughts

    1. Benjamin,

      I am delighted to add you to my Blogroll under Writers & Writing. Your poetry is wonderful! In my first foray through your archives, I particularly resonated with your “Interrupt My Life.” (Note to readers; this is Benjamin’s creation, not mine, and it’s even more evocative with his “centered” formatting). Thanks for visiting, Benjamin, and for introducing yourself.

      Interrupt My Life

      interrupt my life
      with something
      so I’ll forget
      where I was
      when it’s time
      to go back


  1. Wow!!! I have long ago run out of superlatives for your visionary capacity – but you, you, simply move into new realms of expression and discernment. What a joy you are, what an oracle. I add yet another poem to my wall – already full of your work. And commit once again to breathing into the life/release/presence you remind me is easier to achieve than the resistance I put up against it. Love you my dear!


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