be filled with faith (blue mountain arts):sneak peek at my next book

Set For Release March 2010

Blue Mountain Arts plans to release my latest book, Be Filled with Faith, in March 2010 (softcover, $13.95US), and some Internet booksellers are already offering pre-orders. The book will feature the distinctive Blue Mountain Arts look, including heavy art paper, beautiful illustrations, and loads of color. Here’s what the back cover says: 

“Faith is one of the most valuable resources available to you; it’s the foundation on which life’s greatest joys and triumphs may be built. Faith makes no demands and issues no ultimatums, but rather invites you to stay true to what matters to you. In times of challenge or uncertainty, faith lifts you up, inspires greater personal courage, and fills your life with more balance and peace than you ever thought possible.

Each page of this book offers a powerful way in which you can reinforce your faith — whether it be through patience, gratitude, forgiveness, or simply opening your heart to welcome faith in. Read a passage whenever you’re in need of a little support, comfort, or a gentle reminder of all that faith offers. Let the author’s words speak to your soul, nourish your spirit, and help you live each day filled with faith.”

Since the concept of faith is not owned by any religious tradition, this book speaks of faith in the most universal terms. Entries include Be Patient, Be Grateful, Be Ready to Reconsider, Be Exactly Who You Are, Be Passionate, Be Unafraid of Your Fears, Be Connected, Be at Peace, and more. Here’s a sample to whet your appetite:

Be Open

Faith will not pound on your door, demanding to be let in. You must open your heart and do what you can to offer a most inviting invitation. When you allow yourself to be open, you tear down the walls that have kept you locked up in fear or despair. You fling open the gates and windows that have rusted shut. This tells faith that you are ready to embrace her with a hearty welcome, that you’re open to change in your life, that you want things richer and more satisfying, and that the old ways aren’t really working for you anymore. Let faith know that there’s a place for her in your days and nights and that you are prepared to believe in things unseen and remarkable. Let yourself stretch through the discomfort and into a place of greater openness. When you least expect it, when you’re not looking, the moment will come: faith will slip quietly over the threshold without knocking and take up residence deep inside, in a room you have created just for her.


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