i will: personal vow for the impassioned

If you woke up each morning and declared this vow three times
in front of your mirror, with feeling,
you could probably skip the coffee…

i will live a life without limitation
or i will not live at all

i will love without restraint and eschew
anyone else’s small cobbled version of love
or i will not love at all

i will choose to be awake
in every moment
aware of every possibility
conspicuously driven by an impeccable conviction of the heart
or I will lay myself down in a meadow of columbine
and return to earth’s holy ground
content and uncompromised

boxes cannot contain the passion that roars within me
contrived systems of light, of dark of empty, full,
have no hold on me
my song resounds beyond time and space
my story etched on pillars of crystalline eternity
this soul flies outside the wheels of
commerce and capitulation
within realms of immeasurable capacity and
appetites unsatisfied by the meager and mundane

i will not succumb to projections laid upon my quaking spirit
manifestations of ego and superiority cannot deter me from
a full reckoning of infinite existence
judgment slithers in my direction
but i will not take the bite

i will not hold back in the face of your pain
nor carry forth into your discordant and jarring reality
i will do for you anything that flowers and blossoms
but your outbreath of regret I will not inhale
your claim to even one interior acre will not stand
you may choose to remain steadfast along your
thorned and imprisoned path
but i will not

i will soar in free flight before entering any gilded cage
will insist on a righteous reclamation of spirit
before I submit to the small and insignificant
and given a choice between rampant intention and a
meek and pernicious morality
I will attune to the omnipresent outpourings
of an eternal, celestial heart

should anyone ask if i plan to revel in every gradient of humanality
every promise of deep unruly joy
if they wonder whether i will live large beyond expectation
defy the march of abject conventionality
embrace that which unfolds in expanding, exhilarant splendor
and rejoice in the showerings of creation in its loftiest glory —

my answer
my promise
i will.

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  1. Thanks for visitng, kseverny and Death. For readers who don’t know it, you can click through to these two unique and creative sites from kseverny and Death’s names. Don’t let Death frighten you: his site presents a profusion of blessings!


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