rachel’s newest collection of “intelligent inspiration”

A lovely gift item! $13.95

My newest book has hit the warehouse and should be in bookstores and online any day (or minute) now. This lovely book (96 pgs) features the heavy art paper, beautiful illustrations, and richly layered color that have distinguished Blue Mountain Arts products for more than 35 years.

Each page of inspirational prose offers a powerful way in which you can reinforce your faith. Read a passage whenever you’re in need of a little support, comfort, or a gentle reminder of all that faith offers. Let the words speak to your soul, nourish your spirit, and help you live each day filled with faith.

This book speaks of faith in universal spiritual terms. Entries include Be Patient, Be Ready to Reconsider, Be Exactly Who You Are, Be Passionate, Be Grateful, Be Unafraid of Your Fears, Be at Peace, Be Connected, and more. Looks like Barnes&Noble.com may be selling it already.

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