if you believe:kenny loggins live at the grand canyon 1992 (video)

I know I’m dating myself, but I am falling madly in love with Kenny Loggins all over again and listening to his soul-nourishing, inspiring, and exhilarating music nonstop. This video (thanks, cetera06!) is not technically great, but the spirit and energy of these folks is wildly contagious. If this doesn’t get you moving some part of your body in some way, I don’t know what will. Believe and Enjoy!

2 thoughts

  1. Love this Rachel…thank you for sharing dear cousin… I love his “Celebrate Me Home” – and you are not dating yourself…this is the music of the ages…


    1. You’re right, Sabra, on the timelessness of this beautiful poet and singer. “Conviction of the Heart”…”If You Believe”…they all feel fresh and absolutely in the moment. Keep visiting!


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