be a beacon

I’ve been traveling with my daughter up and down the Pacific Coast of Oregon, and continue to be struck by the symbolism of lighthouses that guide travelers through rocky waters and treacherous storms. Seems to me that we’re all lighthouses for each other at different times in our lives: here’s a page from my book, Be Filled With Faith, that illuminates the topic. The depicted lighthouse is hardly unassuming, but what a fortress of protection and safety!

Lighthouse at Tillamook Rock, Oregon, decommissioned 1957

Be A Beacon

It matters not whether you are rich, famous, important, or powerful. Others are watching you in the best possible kind of way. Perhaps you know them; perhaps you don’t. It may be a child — yours or someone else’s. It may be someone you will never meet. They’re watching where your steps go. They’re listening to your words, observing how you regard others who are like you and unlike you. Imagine the impact you might have on a stranger who crosses your path at work, school, or play — simply by demonstrating a bit of kindness or a glimmer of hope. This is not about putting on a show or acting a certain way to get attention. This is about remembering that all your words, thoughts, and actions carry great power and potential, and you can choose to be a beacon who lights the way for others in a quiet and unassuming manner. There’s no magic switch that you turn on and off. It’s an inner light that radiates from within you and can be felt by others. And without your even trying, your warmth can change the world.

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  1. Hi Rachel – it is so evident to me that we are kindred spirits…your words are the words that I have been living by for years…the strongest tree is not always the tallest…..thanks for sharing….and I hope you have had a wonderful trip…Sabra


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