a double dose of straight-up inspiration

Two messages to help move you down the road: one from my book “Be Filled with Faith” (learn more in the right-hand sidebar), and one from a book currently in the test marketing process.  These words are infused with the vibration of faith, discovery, and easeful change.  Let ’em in!

Be Unafraid to Let Go

Change can be a powerful tonic, bringing fresh vibrancy to the old and stale. But first, you must be willing to release dead-end relationships, jobs, or beliefs once and for all and trust that better options will arrive to take their places. If you cling tightly to soul-numbing situations out of fear or desperation, how can you possibly prepare to receive something that offers you more?

Refusing to let go leaves you stuck in the mud. It creates a breeding ground for stagnation and brings a screeching halt to creativity, intention, and the manifestation of your true desires. If you spend more time complaining than celebrating, it is time to let go. If the best and highest good of all concerned is no longer served, it is time to let go.

You may experience an unfamiliar emptiness as you wait for more appropriate circumstances to appear, but in time, fear will fade. Have faith. Bright, new beginnings will emerge through the clouds, and you will greet change with a robust handshake and a radiant heart.

Photo by a talented young friend

Be Able to Say “Yes”

How often has life offered you the opportunity to walk into new territory, but you turned down the invitation?

Maybe fear got in your way or you slipped back into a default mode and felt unworthy, undeserving, or unprepared. There are times, of course, when the appropriate response is “No, thank you.” The timing is off. Your focus is well placed elsewhere. Your instinct sends out a clear warning.

However, if you’re reacting from a place of resistance, “no” shuts down the flow of energy with a resounding thud. “Yes” opens gates and raises windows to bring in fresh air. “No” keeps you small and fearful. “Yes” expands your options and enlarges your worldview.

Most often, being called to investigate new byways is an answer to a deeply held desire, spoken or not. You have been called because you are deserving, because you have manifested this very moment, and because you are uniquely qualified for the situation. A simple, yet hearty “Yes” can be the open sesame to new ways of being. The key is in your hand; don’t drop it.

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