i am not gone; i am just engaged

I’ve been away from my blog for what seems like eons. It’s not that I’ve lost interest — just that I have been so deliciously engaged with my tiny community and the projects I have taken under my wing here.

The good news is that I finally bit the bullet and ordered satellite Internet service for my house and hope to be connected up within a week or so. That means I’ll be able to get back to this site, which will probably reappear with a new look and perhaps even a new name. It is Spring, after all.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying the nourishment and satisfaction that comes with being gleefully grounded in exactly the right place at the right time, doing that which feels totally aligned with my deepest gifts and desires.

It’s all about what is laid upon your heart, what you feel rising in your belly, the choices you make in every moment. The bliss is in the everyday; the divine is the mundane; the joy is in the integration of heaven and earth and the inclusion of all things great and small.

If you want to spend some time “away from it all,” drop me a line and then come visit us in southeastern Colorado. Our project to transform the old schoolhouse/church into a community gathering spot is going into its second season. We’re putting together a library and a community garden, not to mention other endeavors.  Many hands, hearts and minds make light work — especially in a town with a population of oh, about three score and ten. (Soaking wet, that is…)

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