moving through change? be kaleidoscopic

Here’s an excerpt from a book of mine that’s currently going through test marketing
with a certain publisher who shall remain nameless. Can’t tell you the title (mainly
since it’s not finalized), but it’s filled with
“words of well-being to ease your way through change.”

Be Kaleidoscopic

If you’ve ever peered through a kaleidoscope, you know
the beauty and delight produced through constantly
changing patterns. The tiniest shifts this way or that
bring forth an unending parade of color and light.

You, too, contain an untold repertoire of facets, and slight shifts in
one direction or another can evoke surprising results.
What if you altered your perspective just enough to reveal
a heretofore hidden aspect of yourself?
What if you turned your gaze ever so slightly and
stumbled upon a new or rediscovered talent, skill, or inclination?

At times, the desire for change feels enormous,
as though only a radical reorganization of every part of life will suffice.
You want to reduce everything to ashes and start all over again.

Rather than destroy the very fabric of your life,
choose to be like a kaleidoscope.
Begin what what you know and love,
and explore what lies just beside, beyond, or above.
You may find that a simple tweaking or minor adjustment
can create a world of change.

2 thoughts

  1. And Joe R, we are so glad to have you back among the living. Welcome!

    Just wanted to remind any readers that your joer223 user name links to your blog about blogging.

    Your other blog, which addresses your recovery and Phoenix-like rebirth from addiction to crack cocaine, is:

    Stay healthy, my friend.


  2. I was reduced to ashes, and like the Phoenix, rose from those ashes the inferno of addiction reduced me to. I discovered I too am Kaleidoscopic! Thank you for a beautiful post Rachel….

    Wishing you the best…


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