pardon my cyberdust: a bit of blogkeeping goin’ on

I’ve been spending time in and around the WordPress forums, picking up lots of ideas on how to be a better blogger. I’m pruning, chopping, clearing, letting go, and refining what works best.

(Oh, wait! Isn’t that my personal journey, too?)

For your browsing convenience, I’ve added a dropdown menu in the right-hand sidebar under the heading, “Browse My Archives By Category.” Everything I’ve ever posted is there, in a number of categories that make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Note that most posts show up in multiple categories. No need to stress; with just a few clicks you’ll arrive exactly where you want to be. You can expect more changes over time, with some additional phase-outs and new expansions.

(Oh, wait! Isn’t that the personal journey, too?)

I’ve also removed my too-long “blogroll” (list of links) from the right-hand sidebar – and am going to try to offer more links within my main posts. That way, I will be more connected with other bloggers, many of whom are astounding me with their passionate, creative voices.

If you have ideas on other improvements I might make, leave me a Comment. For now, at least, I’m staying with the ChaoticSoul theme. Have had my eye on lots of other designs, but I do believe I am a diehard thematic monogamist. At least for now.

Thanks for visiting. Stay awhile. Whether you lean to the poetry, prose, commercial or literary, serious or lighthearted — intelligent inspiration abounds here in myriad forms and tones!

Be Whole Now: it’s not a command; it’s an invitation.

3 thoughts

  1. Rachel I would be humbled to be linked from your site. No permission need. It is with humility, and gratitude that I offer my thanks

    Much continued success and best wishes for you!


  2. Thank You, Joe. I’m contemplating a blog post that would link to your site and some others where people are effectively speaking their truths. Guessing I won’t need to contact you for permission. *grin* I’ll let you know when I actually complete the post (which I haven’t even started yet). Keep up the good work…


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