love is looking for you

Love is looking for you

She’s peering behind the blinds you drew against her radiant glare
Bumping up against blossoms shuttered from her smile
Rustling among the remnants of disappointment and regret
Everyone in the garden is beloved.

Love is waiting for you

A golden chalice engraved with your name rests upon the table
While you sleep, she offers you a drop of nectar ambrosial
Her patience has no bounds
She will not leave until you let her in.

Love is calling you

She is so very close
Her whisperings all but lost amid the clanging din
Have you shut out her voice, closed your ears to the music?
She never tires of speaking your name.

Love is looking for you

Wants you to look back square in her face
Unblinkingly reveal the recesses of your heart
Gaze upon the simple beauty therein
Accept with grace the invitation as issued.

(and all this time,
you thought you were looking for her)

8 thoughts

    1. @honorarynewfie,

      thanks so much for following your instincts and visiting. The spinning hamster video you posted at is hysterical. And the number of miles traveled is mind-blogging! Thank you also for helping raise funds for brain injury assistance. I was “gifted” with a mild TBI back in 2003, after rolling my jeep numerous times in the desert of southcentral Utah, and know all too well how insidious such an injury can be.


      1. Hi Rachel,
        Thanks for the heads up on my blog, although the hamster in that particular video isn’t mine.
        Even with my own first-hand knowledge of mild TBI I am constantly amazed by how many times I come across inspirational people online who, it turns out, life has also chosen to experience the highs and lows that come with such happenings.
        I shall add you to the list and point people in your direction when they are feeling low.
        Stay safe.


  1. @joer223, always glad to see your smiling face here. thanks for the sugar.

    @ed, yes,she is pretty, isn’t She? Why are we all so easily terrified?


  2. so very pretty. i love the pace, with love is waiting, calling, looking for you. love the strength, that she won’t leave until you let her in.


  3. Just happened to stumble on this poem. I love this! Such a wonderful poem. Way to turn the tables- ” and all this time, you thought you were looking for her”. love that line. Bravo!


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