the times they are a-changing: be adaptable

This is from a book (now in test-marketing phase) on easing your way through change. Nobody’s going anywhere these days if they dig in their heels and steel themselves against inevitable, inescapable, and (yes!) potentially wonderful change.

Composite of Galactic Center, Hubble Space Telescope, NASA

There are times to be patient and times to act.

There are times to rise up strong and independent
and times to sink to the floor in surrender.

Change may very well ask you to be wildly proactive one day
and hands-off the next; an outspoken go-getter one week
and a quiet listener before the next one rolls around.

Your best chance at riding out flux is to remain fluid in all things
and unduly attached to none.

This need not be backbreaking work,
though flexibility and the willingness
to shake the ridigity out of your bones are key.

Resist the temptation to jump to conclusions too early.

Don’t leap over obstacles in your rush to reach a destination
before tasting the fullness of the journey.

The endless procession of choices and opportunities
will continue with or without you;
haste is a waste of your energy.

You’ll never be able to speed up change
or slow its inherent momentum —
and why would you want to?

Every stage of the process comes bearing its own gifts,
and an inability to adapt
will strip you of valuable dividends
and the wealth they contain.

5 thoughts

  1. Change for me was a huge undertaking, but was necessary. It always is! Change means evolution. You’ve posted yet another gem. Thank you….


    1. Joe,

      In my experience, undertaking huge change is the hardest work any of us can do. A day of “spiritual/transformational heavy lifting” can be as grueling as a week of physical or mental work. Thanks for choosing the path of evolution.


  2. Nadia & Ed,

    It really is all about The Now and the changing nature of what we call “Time.” Why do we humans always make it so difficult??

    Thanks to both of you for sharing your gifts with the world. We need you.


  3. my weakness, or one of them: Resist the temptation to jump to conclusions too early.
    someone recently said to me, time goes on, whether we’re on board or not.
    nice post. sumptuous photo.


  4. nice one. this goes hand in hand with trusting the universe… living in the present moment… not always easy and easily forgotten. Thank you for the reminder!


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