there has never been a time such as this

particle physics simulation

there has never been a time such as this —
the sword of damocles hangs heavy,
horsehair thread untwisting on itself
sweat pours from the brows of the powerful
is it not at last time for the reckoning?

there has never been an hour such as this —
imminent peril draws a bead on human nature
each moment laced with wild, fervid opportunity,
we can always slip back into the known
it asks nothing of us and seems to offer up our every desire:
the heady days of youthful oblivion
the promise of forever an unfurling ribbon of immortality,
backsliding is simply too easy
reverse engineering will not net you the illumined life.

there has never been a you such as this —
the maps have all been burned
instruments upend themselves in the face of universal flux,
you feel yourself pushing at the seams of your skin
crammed into a shell insufficient to contain your rampant maneuverings:
any attempt to correct your bearings appears futile
even the contortionist is baffled by this endless positional repertoire,
time collapses, rendering forever but a pale version of its former self.

there has never been a day such as this —
overripe with possibility,
marauding energies march across the landscape of your heart
taking no prisoners and pillaging, burning at will,
what has been irretrievably lost need never be reclaimed:
the dungheap towers with the carcasses of old expectations and bitter memories
infidels of the ego catch and stir, clash and grind and stir some more,
the mind falters in its attempt to rein in anything at all.

surrender looks like this: chop wood, rake, plant, make holy water —
do not squander your godhead in the shadow of lesser frequencies,
consider the lilies, observe the few whose simple joys
far outweigh the burdens of yoked humanity:
your moments of so-called indiscretion, human failings
are mere apparitions backdropping the lush landscape of divinity,
what you may once have been surely is no more,
all that you now bring into being has not yet answered your call

if you are wise, you will listen in another direction.

9 thoughts

  1. @buddhihermit, @tekia, @edpilolla,

    thanks to all — you make up a pretty fanatastic poetic trio.

    I’ve been a bit slow in visiting other blogs lately, but will try to remedy that situation very soon. I appreciate your support of my work.


  2. Thanks Tekia, I appreciate your comments.
    R. I also wondered about the show, but I’m already booked, and a US tour would create distance problems. Who knows what the future holds though.


  3. Hi Rachel, thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, I couldn’t leave it at just one. I hope this extension works as well.

    Nothing and NoWhere

    Standing on Nothing,
    Striding no Heavens,
    Greeting Phantoms of Fame and Wealth,
    Who think they have the Wherewithal,
    To lead a life of Strength.

    To them I gift my Gratitude,
    For Bouquets of great success,
    Yet none of those I care to hold,
    Blessed only by their scent.

    The crowds are always empty,
    Crushed close around me now,
    It’s like the Vastest Prairie,
    Where Every way is Out.

    So come and stand beside me,
    Just so I can see,
    How you stand on Nothing,
    Up here where life is free.


  4. Another Inspiration! – To which I would like to respond:

    Beyond the Edge

    The landscape of the past is
    Littered with great Boulders
    For us to move – Sisyphus like.

    Oh what, haven’t we been here before?

    Imminent possibility and
    great opportunity open up
    In the maw of great Danger.

    Close by the Edge
    So many hand holds
    Offer the next step.

    Climbing forward, we slip back,
    Slipping back, we climb forward.

    But that elusive step,
    Will take from us,
    Our promised Forever.
    Delivering only Now,
    In a world that’s ceased to exist.

    How can we move,
    When Nothing is what we push against,
    How can we shine,
    When None will attend?
    How will we be wealthy,
    In a world that is now empty.

    Without clamour or motion; Silently,
    Great treasures pile at our feet,
    As we set aside,
    The cloak of Kingship,
    The Staff of Dominion,
    And answer the call

    Beyond the Edge.


    1. @BuddhiHermit,

      How Wonderful to hear from you, my friend! Not surprised that you can so eloquently express the state of affairs we seem to be in Now. I think my favorite lines in your response are “…Delivering only Now, in a world that’s ceased to exist” and “How can we move, When Nothing is what we push against”. Boy, that sure sums it up in a nutshell.

      Love the call-and-response, as ever. Always thought we could take this show on the road…* smile *


  5. Oh, rapturous Rachel whose honeyed wisdom soothes, embraces, and aligns, she who cleans and paints as mantras, I hail you from the magic land to humbly lay this tiny wild bouquet of blessings for this whirling energy you graciously strew before me. I actually went to confirm these lyrics by the Moody Blues from another lifetime, these words that yours opened to me again: Blasting, billowing, bursting forth with the power of ten billion butterfly sneezes… Namaste my dear friend.


    1. Jeanne,

      your words offer balm and succor for the temporarily impatient. today’s mantras included laying stones in the dirt and driving 100 miles through the glorious American grasslands to bring home a can of paint, two toothbrushes, and other assorted objets. See? Already, you have laid the seeds for the next round of poetic inspiration. Way to kick it, O gifted one! xoxo


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