“…fighting for the right of nature to exist for itself”: sierra club’s position on genetically-altered trees

Although I generally lean toward the positive and upbeat,
rampant corporate greed and planetary disregard have proven increasingly intolerable,
urging us to more highly-evolved levels of earth stewardship.

Therefore, my only response to the (unsurprising) news that
paper and  lumber companies are quickly slithering into
the production of transgenic trees is this:

No, No, No, No, No, No, No!

The Sierra Club has this to say,

“The result, then, may be a silent forest, one which doesn’t support chipmunks or
snakes at ground level, holds no birdsong in its branches,
has no raptors soaring above.
Clearly, such a stand of trees is not really a forest.
And worse, the damage can’t be confined to private property
as trees live for many years and can’t be closely observed;
“birth control” among trees is less reliable than among people
and even genetic engineering can’t guarantee that
branch won’t decide to manufacture pollen.
Pine pollen can blow hundreds of miles on the wind…”

More of Sierra Club’s position here.

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