be ready for the wonderful

Here’s an excerpt from a book of mine that’s currently going through market review by a gift book publisher.  Each page helps you to look at change in a new way so you can move through transitions with greater ease and less upheaval and angst. May this small snippet do the same for you today.

Guinea-Bassau, West Africa, Landsat Satellite Image

When winds of change blow,
it’s all too easy to bemoan what is carried away in the process.

Why not choose to notice the gifts and goodness flying in to fill the void?

You need not expect change to be all disordered chaos;
clouds are indeed often lined with silver.
Look! Good fortune peeks out at you from all directions,
waiting to shower you with bits of kindness and small, unexpected favors.

Don’t expect that every approaching storm will
cut a wide swath of destruction through your life.
If you allow it, change is equally apt
to toss rose petals onto the ground in front of you.

The phone call heralding good news is just as likely to arrive
as the message you so dread receiving.
Which way will you direct your gaze?
Into what soil will you plant your seeds?

What you expect fo find around every bend is what will greet you.
Steeling yourself against undesired outcomes
is a highly defensive and self-defeating position.

Why not open your arms and be ready for the wonderful?

2 thoughts

  1. @ Ed,

    Do you really think that we can “count on the good sometimes too much?” I’m a big believer in the “thoughts are things” school, but I do agree, oftentimes the mind kicks in as if to say, “What, are you crazy? Do you really think it can All be so perfectly wonderful?” Answer: Yeah. As a matter of fact, I do. Does it sometimes bite me on the arse? Yeah. As a matter of fact, sometimes it does. But only because I get impatient. I try to remember that the job of controlling the Universe is not mine.

    Love your comments, as usual. Love your visits, as usual.


  2. “What you expect to find around every bend is what will greet you.”
    ain’t that the truth. i find myself counting on the good sometimes too much, and that screws up my energy. i need to find a balance, realize that bad things do happen, and not let that reality overcome me becuz there’s something on the other side of that struggle, but still constantly invite the wonderful, as you so splendidly put it. what a challenge. great piece, as usual. dig the art, as usual.


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