vehicle for change: what your car is telling you about your life

I will not deny it: I’m one of those people who never “met a phor” I didn’t like. (And yes, I know someone wrote a book with that title, but fact is, I’ve toyed with the phrase since nearly forever.)

I see symbolism and meaning in everything. When people say to me, “You know, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar,” I figure that, surely, they jest. I size up every situation, every person, every occurrence, on multiple levels – and often have a ball doing so.

That said, herewith is one of my favorite posts ever, which first ran in the ancient days of be whole now, circa Spring 2008. Perfect for summer – and a great opportunity for me to once again practice my own brand of automotivology after a lengthy dry spell.

Check out the original post here – and Yes! I’m open to taking your questions. Be patient, though; I usually have to do more than a bit of technical research along with consulting the All-There-Is for insight and understanding as to what’s up with your car AND your life!

As a follow-up, here’s a story including nuns, a Dodge Charger, bondage, and a miracle. Buckle up and have a ball…

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  1. divine…….wonderful quality social as well as spiritual conversations…only a small comment….

    James Bond car number 007 licence to kill

    Human Bond car number 0007 licence to fill

    let us fill the world with happiness…..


    1. the oracle is refreshed whenever someone approaches with a thirst for greater self-awareness. Or, is seeking wiseass throw-ins.

      Did the oracle’s wisdom resonate?


  2. my car runs fine. the only issue is that the ‘check engine’ light is on. i’ve had the problem diagnosed, and it’s a minor problem in which the emission controls aren’t functioning properly, so i can’t pass a smog test without getting it fixed. i’ve put off repairing it, as i don’t have $225 for the repair. however, if it absolutely needed to be done, i would have already found the $225. it does bother me that i’m polluting more than i should be, yes.
    like i said, the car runs great. someone dinged it, but i don’t even notice the dent anymore.
    thanks for your brilliance on the matter!


    1. Ed,

      What is a ‘check engine’ light other than a glowing reminder to PAY ATTENTION? Sounds like something, somewhere, is awry and waving in your face so you will focus in its direction.

      It might be physical or emotional or professional. It might be some old, stagnant stuff that you need to release. (And, forgive me for being brash, but just between you and me, the proper functioning of emission controls is not a minor problem for a man of your age and predilection. ) As for “getting fixed,” that sounds like a pretty serious decision (especially if you’re bothered by the fact that you’re “polluting more than (you) should be”. BTW, how much polluting SHOULD you be doing?) Whose test do you need to pass, anyway — CDOT notwithstanding?

      “My car runs fine,” you say. “The car runs great.” you repeat. Might there be some issue or situation that is not actually going quite as well as you portray it to be? Maybe a tad of denial creeping in; a bit of protesting too much and all that. Yes, if it “absolutely needed to be done,” the funds would be there to cover it. But what if you simply WANT it to be done: How do you tend to reconcile desires v. needs?

      Where’s the smog in your life, Ed? What are you leaving in your wake that needs a bit of repair– and why do you continue to procrastinate? You may not notice “the dent” anymore…

      …but that doesn’t mean it has gone away. Some bells keep on “dinging” long after the clapper comes to a halt.

      PS: Have you had a physical check-up lately? We need you running clean!

      The Oracle rests.


  3. Newt.

    Never even think of touching the accelerator pedal before turning the key to start it. It knows, you know !

    “Ah… did I catch you thinking about doing that ?”, it asks as it sits there, arms folded in petulant refusal to burst into life.

    Turn key… “No no no no no no no no…”, wait and then turn key… “No no no no no no no no no…”, again and again until I bow my head in shame and quietly admit that, yes, dear Newt, I did sin. I did dare to think about putting my foot on the pedal first….

    It wakes up, exhaling smoke from the back like a cartoon fart.
    Perhaps I should get twin exhaust pipes and get somebody to do some artwork on the rear so that it looks like a bull snorting at a matador ? Give it a few hard revs though and it sails through its annual emissions test.

    The speedo sits at 38mph, almost constantly, but once I get to a real speed of 60+ it starts to drop so that by the time I reach 70mph it says I am stationary ! “Me, officer ? No, I was going much slower than that !”

    Due to a classic piece of French ingenuity in the design, if I drive with the window open just a touch then any remaining water on the roof will flow from all angles neatly into the cabin… and fall directly onto the switch for the drivers window, which is situated on the drivers armrest in the door. The resulting electrical problems mean that the drivers window will only go up about two inches for each press of the button… vroop… vroop… vroop…, and attempting to open the window will occasionally cause it to slam down into the body of the door so fast (and unstoppably) that the whole inside of the door panel has to be removed to correct the situation.

    The remote door zapper hasn’t worked for seven years… except in February and March of this year (!). I was amazed that there was any life left in the battery….

    The rear window de-fogger has two non-consecutive bands that don’t work, providing convenient split-screen rear view visibility.

    One, or more, of the wheels has dodgy suspension, but I’ve never quite been able to work out which; although the exquisite tightening of my buttocks when I hit a certain bend way too fast may indicate the front left.

    The tyres (as we spell them in our language… English) are constantly being nobbled in the night by invisible delinquents who seem to think it would be funny to see me shredding rubber as I leave for work in the morning with one wheel wallowing on 4psi.

    The sunroof creaks and grinds to and from its tilt position like a huge oak door in a horror movie.

    In winter one should never forget to take the essentials in case of emergency, such as a sponge to wipe the inside of the windows should you actually want to be able to go anywhere.

    I’ve never actually counted them, but I think there are more discarded cigarette packets behind the driver’s seat than there are butts in the ashtray; an ashtray which can’t be removed for proper emptying and cleaning because the spring clip underneath it is broken.

    Would I sell it ? Never !

    Peugeot Diesel engine … the best invention since some long-forgotten ape happened to bang two rocks together and set his/her fur alight.


    1. Well, honorarynewfie, you didn’t actually ask for a reading — I think because you don’t really have any problems — but here goes nonetheless.

      First off, it appears that you and your vehicle have a wonderful relationship. You know who is the dominant partner (and it does not appear to be you!), and you have agreed, it seems, to play the submissive. Not a problem; it’s just an agreement you have. Do you possibly have it with other loved ones in your life — and, if so, does it support your getting where you want to go?

      So your vehicle exhales smoke, snorts, and sails when required. Sounds like dragon/dragging energy. Dragons usually need slaying: Have you picked up your sword, donned your armor, and moved in that direction? Any dragons breathing fire on you lately?

      I am taken by the use of the term “speedo” — which in my language– American bastardized English — is the brand name of a very skimpy bikini swimsuit worn by men who have the body for it (or, unfortunately, do not, yet are delusional nonetheless). Your description of your speedo “dropping” until it hits rock bottom, is fraught with Freudian slips, I would say. Do you have dreams like these? Losing your trunks, that is, the more you move ahead with speed and gusto? How do you feel about shedding some of your idiosyncrasies and becoming more authentically naked with your emotions or truth?

      Electrical window problems bespeak of your nervous system. Have you considered a chiropractic adjustment or other modality to get your chi moving throughout your entire system? Energetically speaking, do you suffer from fits and starts, or swing from sluggishness to off-the-charts enthusiasm? Some balancing may be in order.

      The rear window offers you vision into your past — where you’ve already gone, what has come before now. When things get foggy (that is, when you are not accessing clarity), you go “split-screen.” Isn’t this a convenient way to ignore or deny a significant portion (half, perhaps?) of your former reality? Any unfinished business, loose ends that need tying off; old canvasses that need to be wiped fully clean so you can move out of your past and into your present?

      As for the “exquisite tightening of your buttocks,” I would refer you to a certified specialist, as this is outside the limits of my contract. Ditto for the creaking, grinding, and tilt position horrors. And finally, has it crossed your mind that if you quit smoking all those cigarettes, you will get many many more miles to the gallon, and the smoky exhalations, farting, and relative lack of zapping may be a thing of the past? (That very past that you refuse to look at clearly through the fog??)

      Bottom line: You and your car are made for each other. You are hopelessly devoted and I suspect you will have many more years together. Unless, that is, you decide that you’re ready to move out of the submissive position and take control of the wheel! After all, if your car is French under the hood, the scene is clearly set for romance and lasting love…

      Thanks for sharing!


  4. divine….rachel…there was a musical play enacted in New Delhi based on travel of mother and child in car.their a book was released
    ” OWN ZERO ” in 2009 original in 1984 . putting small portion..

    During the journey some one asked
    what are the instructions you will give
    to your driver, possibly these-
    1-keep the car clean from outside.
    2-keep the car clean from inside.
    3-drive carefully’
    4-give fellow passengers a comfortable
    these are the instructions you all get
    in in your nature when you get the
    life in your body or the car from the
    creator of nature, that is simple to
    follw the instructions and you will
    find happiness in your journey.

    so keep the body clean from outside
    or healthy,keep it clean from inside,
    drive carefully means do not hurt
    anybody,give fellow passangers good
    journey means take care of your
    family and the society.

    when the driver is good , driver need
    not to worry about the owener, the
    owener will worry about the driver,
    you become good driver, the creator
    will remain always with you.

    your body is like a car, you are driver
    of car, creator is sitting with you
    inside, to keep car clean you travel
    comfortably between life and death
    of body, to keep drive clean creator
    come closer.

    life is a rare opportunity for dirver to
    come closer to owener to become

    distance has no meaning,
    meaning is how you cover it.


    1. Once again, ram0singhal, you express the enlightened view with charm and insight. So many lines to love, such as:

      your body is like a car, you are driver
      of car, creator is sitting with you
      inside, to keep car clean you travel
      comfortably between life and death
      of body, to keep drive clean creator
      come closer.

      Thanks for your ever-unique perspective!


  5. divine rachel……..extra ordinary vision….add little comment…

    your body is like a car, you are driver
    of car, creator is sitting with you
    inside, to keep car clean you travel
    comfortably between life and death
    of body, to keep drive clean creator
    come closer.


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