oh, wait: the universe is afoot with the promise of your evolution

"A Venus at Her Mirror" by Diego Velazquez
A Venus at Her Mirror, by Diego Velazquez, 1644

please take a number
and commit to remaining in line until service is rendered.

allow yourself simply to wait,
maintain a measured distance from the impatience
that roils beside and beneath you
and know that your moment hangs imminent
with arrival

please relax every reflex that whiffs desperation
unclench your jaw
and for goodness sakes,
silence the incessant tiptapclickclack
of your tightly wound fingers and toes

if you have prepared yourself
to embrace a heretofore untold-of unfolding,
it is but a matter of time

if you have felt the loosening of
the consensual bounds of linear time,
then you know that time increasingly means nothing

and if you have sought deeply
to reconcile your every agreement
you just may be ready to decloak and step into the All

how much clearer can Creation be?
your personal invitation has been proffered in words meant only for your ears
in tones designed to find their way home via the corridors of your heart
in hues saffron and violet, indigo, cyan
a breeze of becoming breathes softly into the valleys of your open mouth
all this for no other reason than to awaken you to grandeur

what gain is there in sleeping on?
that which you cling to offers you naught of substance
and but scant nourishment for your hungering soul
yet you turn away from the knock at your door

resistant to a fault, you will not take a step off the sinking ship,
already it has taken on enough water to take it down–
the deck chairs will not rearrange themselves
to hasten your rescue.

within your walls of errant hesitation
rests a slumbering seedpearl aching with an irrepressible urge to blossom
how much longer will you deny its place in the sun?

you have been given wings to fly,
an insatiable imperative to grow —
evolution continues with or without you!
why not climb aboard and enjoy the ride
minus the crutch of destination?

mirrors have been placed at every intersection
do not avert your gaze

not one other receives the reflection that is you

3 thoughts

  1. Nadia,

    ‘Tis true. Thank you for recognizing that my work is aligned with larger goings-on. I try to get out of the way as much as possible and let Divine timimg do its thing.

    Yes! I often feel a sense of urgency moving in my poetry– though I have learned that I could never compel anyone to do anything. I’d rather think of it as a gentle or not-so-gentle nudge from behind/above/below. Spiritual kick in the pants, as it were. Thanks!


  2. this is yet another poem I enjoyed reading. I could feel a sense of urgency- as if trying to compel someone- to take that leap into their own. A job well done, bravo!


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