what two guys from new jersey can teach you about ‘inspired action only’

I haven’t blogged in a bit for the same reason I haven’t written poetry. Or exchanged emails. Or trimmed up my dry, dusty yard.

I just wasn’t inspired. Nothing inside me said, “Do it.” So I didn’t.

Nothing said, “Look for a publisher and send out your novella already.”

No feelings rose up out of my belly suggesting that I get my hair cut or have the oil changed in my vehicle or reply to the three-page, handwritten letter a friend had sent me 10 days ago or so. (Sorry, RK.)

I was, however, greatly inspired to shelve donated books at a public library I’m creating in my tiny rural town; to help a generous volunteer build a deck and handicapped-accessible ramp in triple-digit, blistering heat; to hang out and read and color with kids at our historic, blossoming community building; and to help facilitate a visit by these two guys from New Jersey, who are walking across America to raise funds for The Gail’s Angels Foundation.

2 Guys from New Jersey Walking Toward the New Mexico/Colorado Border, photo by Tim Keller

Since I know what it’s like to respond to a call to undertake something inconvenient, impractical, and a bit outlandish, I was instantly inspired to support Anthony and Rob by coordinating lodging, meals, photos and interview, and personalized laundry service. Their actions are clearly inspired. One doesn’t casually decide to put one foot in front of the other for 3,000 miles if there’s not some deep wellspring at your core.

I can’t take credit for the three-word mantra Inspired Action Only. I got it from a friend, who got it from somewhere. Doesn’t matter: it’s too good for anyone to own.

Inspired action comes from inside and spreads through you like a warm, sweet, homebaked, apple pie. Inspired action feels good, excites you, makes you happy. It bubbles up from some authentic place within you, without the slightest tinge of guilt or obligation and absent any sense of “Oh, #&$^! I don’t want to do this, but I’ll force myself anyway.”

Inspired action doesn’t need to be earth-shattering, epiphanic, or miraculous. It can be a quiet “Yes.” It can be a gentle nudge that travels from your heart to your hand. It can be as simple as making a phone call, or as complex as tossing everything you believe, know, believe you know, or know that you believe, out the window and starting all over.

If you’re not feeling inspired, chances are you’re bogged down and clogged up with old patterns and false beliefs. Or, you’re holding tightly onto your same old-same old attitudes of resentment, resistance, hopelessness, and some sick need to click into a rote, mechanized version of life. Matrix, anyone?

Or, something may be physically askew. Either way, you’re out of alignment with the truth of your own being — and now just might be a wonderful time to straighten out as much of that as you can.

Don’t get me wrong. Inspired Action Only is neither an invitation nor a prescription to avoid taking care of business. Bills still get paid. People still get fed. Laundry still gets done. Why? For the simple reason that you want to. That it’s an appropriate action. That you’re in right relationship with the outward expression of your inward intention.

Strolling Across America, by Tim Keller

Try it out. “Inspired Action Only” is working great for me, and for the friend who shared this wise insight with me.

And whether they know it or not, it’s working for two guys walking from San Diego, California, to Nutley, New Jersey, pushing jogging strollers along a route that took them through a remote outpost in the American Southwest…

…and inspired us all with their commitment to a cause and their willingness to follow through with their true hearts’ desires.

That, my friends, is inspired action. Anything less just isn’t worth doing at all.

10 thoughts

  1. it is the only way to live, inspired. it’s the only way to work, to create. to be inspired is operate with divine strength. it is truly amazing the things human beings will do when inspired, like your two friends. and i love how that energy is contagious.


  2. @ram0singhal,
    It’s always such a Divine Joy to have your Comments here. Blessings to you!

    Thanks for visiting. Your photos of “The Walkers” tell a rich and vivid story. I am certain a number of papers or magazines will want to pick up your feature — and hope that visitors here will link over to your site to see and read more.

    Everyone in Nutley must be wildly proud of these young men. I almost feel as though Branson is now a sister city to Nutley. If anyone wants to travel to the “real” West, please have them contact me.

    @Michele Greco,
    My own son is 24 and my daughter 19, so I couldn’t help but feel a tad maternal to Anthony & Rob. As a writer, I see great potential here for not only a book, but a film, as well. Truly a life-altering event. Yes, please do visit Be Whole Now again.

    When our Town Clerk asked me if I wanted to get involved with hosting Rob & Anthony, I knew instantly that many wonderful connections and opportunities would be created by the adventure. Perhaps paying it forward, sideways, diagonally, up, down, within and without, in true kaleidoscopic form.

    @Janet Mozolewski,
    Yes, it seems that the guys are creating a coast-to-coast extended family as they go. Especially lots of mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers. Blessings on your journey of well-being; it would please me greatly for you to find some inspiration, comfort, or delight here at Be Whole Now.


  3. Beautifully said, you are an inspirational writer and I hope to read more on your blog. Keep up the good work. I’m not related to Rob or Anthony but in following their progress I feel like I have adopted them online. Janet M. – 8 year breast cancer survivor from Clifton, NJ


  4. So beautifully written — probably the most thoughtful piece (peace) since their journey began. It is kindness and inspirational acts such as yours that keeps the boys moving forward. We at home are learning the great art of paying it forward. Robbie’s Aunt Lorraine


  5. Thank you Rachel for acknowledging Anthony and Robbie in such an appropriate way. I know they appreciate it. It is people like yourself who inspire them. I plan to read your writings. Thank you again. From, Michele Greco (Anthony’s Mom)


  6. Great blog post, Rachel. Rob and Anthony and very inpsiring. In fact, they are an inspiration – and huge source of pride – for their hometown! Loren – Nutley, NJ


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