ruminating again: “who says words with my mouth” (video; rumi)

This video by juxtaposes the poetry of Rumi (spoken by Coleman Barks) with Debussy’s Clair de Lune. against the backdrop of vintage film of early Market Street in San Francisco…

…and leaves me with a calm yet still sense of longing.

I originally posted another Rumi video here. And, I have written of my personal experience with ecstatic Divine Union in my unpublished manuscript, Making Love to God, which begins here.  Subsequent sections can be found in the “Browse my Archives by Category” menu in the right-hand sidebar.

5 thoughts

  1. Every time I read your blog I feel like I’m stealing something valuable. Similar to an experience one may undergo when they first stumble across St. Mark’s place and purchase a vintage piece of jewelry. You’re entries are the little vintage nicknacks’ I never got the chance to obtain.


    1. @idontneednodoctor1,
      No stealing necessary. Every bauble and bangle and doodad and trinket is here for you! Obtain all you want. No matter how much you gobble up, there’s still a limitless supply. Don’t know St. Mark’s place, but I like the way it sounds…


  2. @ spirit2go,
    @ fullsun,

    the more i watch and listen to this video, the more i adore it.

    It is a lullaby for my soul. Not the kind that puts me to sleep…

    …but the kind that wakes me up.

    Nice that you share that appreciation with me.


  3. really enjoyed this old video – so simple, so sweet, so innocent..
    loved the plaintive voice of Coleman Barks reciting the words.
    Thank you for making this known to me.



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