someone asked me where i live: the answer is ‘here’

southeastern colorado

I can scarcely tell you where I’ve traveled
The maps have yet to be drawn
Terrain emerges from heights and depths in every moment,
Uncharted landscapes arise with the sun.

I know only that I wandered among the dunes
Weighed down by ancient sacks stuffed full of recrimination
Earthen pots brimmed with incomplete assumptions
Sacred oils nested deep within the skins of alabaster jars.

I turned down dusty highways ringed by sage and supposition
Met my own gaze behind bovine eyes and waving prairie grasses
Only to be jolted out of a creeping complacency
By the applause of thunder and hot-white lightning
Rumbling and riveting their way across an unsettled sky…

(more. here.)

6 thoughts

    1. @ Jingle,

      I checked out your site, and while I applaud all you’re doing to support emerging writers, the process is not exactly my flavor. Thanks for the invite, though, and the Comments. All best to you and your writing community.


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