stretch break: why the current wave of energy will not take me down

It’s been a long time since I’ve offered up one of these “stretch breaks” — inviting you to step into territory that may be unfamiliar to you.

Two Tangled Galaxies, NASA JPL
The Antennae Galaxies, NSA/JPL

Fact is, this past week has been intense and personally provocative in many ways: lots of somewhat-reclusive rest and containment, punctuated by forays into a world that often feels too harsh and glaring for my increasingly sensitive nerve endings. And then, back to the quiet of my internal cave. Snippets of poetry and wordforms all over the place, flowing faster than I can write them down and then POOF! they’re gone.

Our most challenging times – brutal and life-sucking as they may appear — always offer us the greatest opportunity for leaping to new levels of beingness. Some of us have walked this path for ages (truly) and are acutely aware of what is going on (even though we can’t always articulate the experience in heretofore understandable ways). Others know only that they feel beset by challenge and upheaval and turmoil, and can sense the ground caving beneath them.  The question, “Has the entire world gone mad – or is it just me??” is the question now being heard ’round the world. And beyond.

This week, I found great resonance in some new or re-discovered places. Touching in with others and being reminded of the largest possible picture helps to balance and ground me during periods of significant turbulence.  (If you haven’t noticed that we are right in the middle of one now, allow yourself to trust me.)

Here, I reconnected with the work of Aleya Dao, whose meditation on Self-Respect & Self-Love recalibrated my DNA at some very deep level (this, for a $1.50 download),and whose tantalizing tonings and Light Language have been saturating my home environment (along with Michael Buble, go figure!) for days. Check her out if you are so inspired.  Samples of lots of things on her site.

This piece, “Relationships Now,” by self-identified Creator Mediator Christina Lunden, was penned in May 2010, yet reads pitch-perfect for some of my ongoing inner/outer relationship work. She also has a website here, and a linked blog where she offers up monthly messages.

Here’s a very current piece, also on,  titled “Infinity! The Invitation of the August Energies,” in which Meredith Murphy perfectly describes what I have unable to put into words these past days.

There are currently so many flavors of information, support, healing opportunities, and wisdom for evolving humans: I often check in with a variety of voices to see whose “take” on the larger experience is aligned with my own.  I am comforted by the knowledge that I am part of an infinitely expanding Universe made up of vast numbers of others “like me” — and always thrilled to discover how many of us are expressing the same energy, albeit in differing forms.

If you feel inspired to s-t-r-e-t-c-h and check out some of these links, remember always to trust your instinct as to what resonates with you at any particular moment. And, of course, be ready and willing to shift over to some other frequency as you go through your personal changes.  Some of us lean toward Mint Chocolate Chip, others to Cherry Garcia, and still others to Rocky Road. Ultimately, it’s all delicious and we all get to choose our favorites while honoring that others are doing the same. Yum.

8 thoughts

  1. Wow, another of your piece which is stirring something in me emotionally. Will check out the links in depth. It’s people like you who help expand my awareness and make me grow spiritually.

    Oh, btw, Rocky Road is the quickest way to heaven.


    1. @earthianne,
      It’s people like you who deepen my conviction to being who I am and doing what I do. Thank you! And as further proof that there are untold pathways to higher understanding, I gotta tell ya, there’s an independent ice cream company in Colorado whose Jamaican Coconut is beyond Divine!


  2. @ram0singhal,
    your thoughts never fail to brighten my day! thank you.

    Perhaps the ice cream is the ultimate transcendental experience, and everything else is but spiritual window-dressing…

    Always, always stretching. Otherwise, rust and inflexibility run amok, eh? So nice to hear your voice here again.


  3. divine…..we all breathe from one dining plate of god….atmosphere …so all
    conversation with nature are connected so are our thoughts……time and space together…as we all together graduate from body to mind to soul to spirit awareness… or timelessness starts appearing and taste of which everyone had in childhood time mostly up to 3 years of age and everyday in our slumber or deep sleep…

    you are your own chosen path….with your childhood friend….God….

    as my grand daughter say…..god is mouthful of chocolates…no words….only taste of pure happiness….

    love all..


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