feel good: a double dip of the refreshing & delicious south african singer lira (video)

This woman’s radiance is nearly blinding, her beauty is stunning,
and she got me up and dancing in no time! The video (3:38) is by newmusictv,
and can be found over here if you have any difficulties viewing it below:

Oh, wait! Here’s a second video (2:57) entitled Soul in Mind.
You won’t see the lovely Lira, but you can read all the lyrics of this beautiful prayersong.
This one is by sibe007 and can be seen on youtube.com right here.

3 thoughts

  1. Rachel! Thank you so much for your comment, and I’m glad you found me! I only just now got around to visiting you here, and I see that there is a tremendous amount to absorb, and to love. I’ll be back. And I’m a Gemini.



    1. @ Jordan,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I just revisited your blog – and was once again blown away by your 24-year-old wisdom and emotional honesty. Always a kinship with Pisces and Gemini; the only two “double” signs of the zodiac.


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