what there is to love about a man: heart

Today, this excerpt from my out-of-print bok, What There Is To Love About A Man (Sourcebooks, 1999). If you’re feeling the desire to more fully appreciate any man you know, or to connect with your inner Divine Masculine no matter what kind of body you inhabit, check out the “Men” category of this site via the
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photo, "Heart and Door"
"Heart and Door," courtesy photos8.com, Sam Mugraby

Oh! To feel the beating of a man’s heart!
To trace the rutted pathways and hardened ridges,
only to sink in as the edges soften.

A man’s heart is as big as all outdoors
and twice as grand.
It is a wilderness, often uncharted
and shrouded in a mist of fear.
Fear of a heart being broken,
fear of the aching heart.

A man’s heart is his seat of love,
filled with compassion for others and for himself.
It bursts to overflowing at the sight of his child,
at the mere mention of his beloved,
at the thought of his God.
And, like any muscle, the heart is strengthened
when used often and challenged well.

It does a man’s heart good to give of himself
from the bottom of his heart,
to fall in love with life
and love to his heart’s content.

He may wear his heart on his sleeve,
dripping a bleeding trail behind him.
He may approach us with his heart in his mouth,
unable to speak the words of the heart.

Take heart and know that all is not lost:
the way to a man’s heart
is straight through your own.

One thought

  1. divine…..heart = hear t = hear truth…..heart to heart..

    you live a poem….if heart is there…
    you trace a poem…if mystery is there
    you embrace a poem…..if soul is there…..

    you enjoy a poem ….music of all there is there…

    enjoying in my being…

    love all….


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