as if we can handle yet more wisdom of surrender, acceptance, and letting go…

Sometimes it all feels and sounds like a broken record. An endless loop that intones repeatedly: Let go of what no longer serves you. Surrender more deeply than you surrendered last time. Accept what is; then surrender some more. And oh, by the way, remember to let go so you can let go of remembering.

I certainly know the drill by now – and I’m guessing some of you do, too. But I admit I still find myself intermittently squawking: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Hefty sigh…and it’s back to central headquarters for more recalibrating, more tweaking, more letting go.

I love Lauren Gorgo’s take on things. When she says, “We are so bored here that even boredom is boring,” I know of what she speaks. She’s a conduit for great wisdom re: this awakening/ascension/transformation/evolution process — and she presents it with a bit of New York wisecrackery that reminds me of Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin in the 1984 comedy All of Me.

You can find Gorgo’s most recent article, “Losing Hope: The Final Attachment” here at You can also go directly to her website, but (and this is purely a personal observation) I find that environment a little too pink and perky for the depth of the material she brings forth.

And, pardon my nitpicking, but I do wish she (and legions of others) could get the difference between the word “your” and “you’re.” Truly, humans can learn to override spell checking mechanisms! My rhyming paean in defense of the humble yet maligned apostrophe lives here.

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  1. “Abandon hope all ye who would enter here”

    This ancient Hermetic axiom co-opted by Dante is in danger of being rediscovered!

    Nice to see it interpreted in it’s original positive light.


    1. BuddhiHermit,
      I have always made valiant attempts to discard and disregard just about everything and anything before I leap (or slither…?) into the void and eventually receive the gift of metamorphosis/rebirth. So much easier to find one’s way back “topside” stripped clean, ya know?


  2. @ram0singhal,
    I love the imagery of the Divine Feminine wisdom of Sophia accompanying and guiding me along the way. It brings such comfort and courage. And those four simple words: “unto your hands God…” Oh! What a delectable nugget that is! Thank you, ram0.

    I often think of paradox and conundrum as the odd couple poster children of higher consciousness. Like a spiritual Tweedledum and Tweedledee who hang out not necessarily at the edges of polarity, but who stick together right in the center of all things! And, yes! isn’t it odd how a simple declaration like “It is” seems so formal and stilted? Not unlike the infinitely potent statement, “I Am.” (:

    So true! I know that for me, those brief, illminative experiences of true seeing and Divine connection are what keep me going. Once you’ve had that, truly, you can never go back. As I deepen my presence, the journey is me and I am the journey — no remembering or forgetting involved. To echomy own comment above: What is, is. Who I Am, I Am.

    I thought your pets were all hamsters! *winkandagrin*


  3. you’re right.
    i need a break from the journey oftentimes, but it’s hard to forget about the journey after seeing the path so clearly, even briefly.


  4. HA!
    Thanks for this redirect, Rachel… I have such a roadblock with the whole non-attachment, release issue. Really — “I am a rock, I am an island”? to quote that once popular duo..

    I guess that’s the rub….love and let love, but not too much?

    talk about paradox, not sure I can ride that fence. always been a one side or the other girl. But, gotta be doin somethin, so will keep on.
    And YES! a huge pet peeve of mine to see those apostrophe dillusions. My favorite is it’s for its. whenever I see that I always insert “it is”, and it sounds bizarre :~)


  5. divine……appeared wisdom….what one can refer as Sophia….
    our guide through life guiding through language of dreams……

    purpose of all journeys is same…..
    happiness of finding true identity
    and for that rear mirror is there….Sophia channel…

    soul as driver in the car as body….
    can watch the dashboard reading in various senses meter…..
    brain works…..outer signals…..for safe driving…
    ……continuous stream of informations….the thought process…

    as a driver your horizon has a limited vision….
    that is needed for driving in present……
    as driver gets refined so is the appeared
    wisdom clues through rear mirror of Sophia…..
    journey from one clue… other leads to prepare you for final examination……
    the tunnel of darkness…..many refer as dark night of soul…..
    .now….death is the final examination…….
    .the key to pass this examination where no senses
    work…..only wisdom of Sophia which guides everyone…
    Jesus to whispher…..unto your hands God…..
    surrender…. surrender….surrender…….is the message
    of your inner spirit wisdom…feminine Sophia…..
    have trust….
    other wise reappear for examinations……
    pass or fail,,,,choice is ours….

    love all…



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