a prayer is the beat of a heart that sings through the rain

Aboriginal Art "Star Dreaming"

a prayer is just another way of saying yes
to beneficial outcomes
to the mist of a dew-filled morning
to the rise of the question and the answer deferred
to so-called detours designed to keep you on your way

a prayer is a vision upheld – no more, no less
a promise that spring will arrive on the heels of darkness
deep aches will come to overflow with a most succulent satisfaction
or perhaps the yearning never will pass
merely soften to a lesser sharpness

prayer is scarcely more than a confluence of whispers on the air
an agreement to search out lingering joy within an inhospitable field
a willingness to receive what is offered
to turn aside inapt fruits clearly destined for another
the acceptance of that which you do not recall ordering
yet here it is on your doorstep all the same.

a prayer is but a song whose every word pines to be bathed in lustrous moonlight
the dance that has not yet attained heavenly grace
a bud whose seeds can only anticipate the flowering
a summer day whose full-throated sun has not yet sounded
its most irradiant tone
a tree whose roots and leaves quicken to mimic the branched arc
of a cloudless sky

a prayer is the beat of a heart that sings through the rain
a cry, a call, the kiss of a supposition
the rapt stillness between breaths
the glance long remembered, the echoing chord

a moment reconstituted in a solemn gesture of surrender
embrace of all things, attachment to none.

10 thoughts

  1. Beautiful, beatitudinous. I awoke today with a hallelujah in my heart and a childhood hymn running through my mind. And, as though that wasn’t strange enough, here is your lovely piece; the second hymn of the day. Miss you dear.


    1. Beatitudinous! What a great word that is! I believe that prayer is in the air. I have been playing and replaying Aretha Franklin singing “I Say A Little Prayer for You” over and over and over, saturating my heart, soul and front room. That’s a hymn, too, wouldn’t you say? Yes, missing you as well. We are way too far away.


  2. @ramOSinghal,

    I feel doubly blessed that you visited this post twice — even if it was “by accident.” Like being kissed by a star!

    @Athena Grace

    To The Three “A”s: Arlene, Athena Grace, Amy: You guys feel like my Spirit Sisters, my Sister EarthAngels, Lightworkers, WayShowers!

    In my humble opinion, Whoever/Whatever saw to it that our paths intersected, can just keep on being in charge! What a joy to connect with such a Holy Triad of Spirit & Love…


  3. Thanks to Athena Grace and spirit2go, I found your incredible prayer poem. Thank you for its confirming power. I just had a full-bodied dream, overflowing with symbolism, that is an answer to my prayer. I love how God gives to us in such creative form. That includes you!


  4. Oooh-la-la, Rachel Snyder!
    It sounds like your Holy Heart
    has certainly “Prayed around the block”
    once or twice before!
    Dining on your rich, caloric words,
    I must now unbutton my metaphorical pants!
    Thank you for the FEAST!
    Athena Grace


  5. Although I should not be, by now, I am blown away by God’s grace. A few days ago I asked for help in understanding how prayer should go. I know that it is known and given before I even know what it is that I need. I know that I limit myself by praying and asking for far less, and far smaller than my Father has in mind for me. And I don’t want to pray for what my little mind thinks is the best, I want what my Father knows is best for me and everyone I touch. So, I asked for guidance. Since that time, every day there has been information and a point to the subject of prayer. Today, your post is yet another.
    I am beginning to understand that prayer, for me, may just be thanking God for the good things he’s giving me and going to give me in advance. Sure, I can thank Him for the blessings and grace He’s also giving the rest of the earth. I don’t want to limit myself or my Father by crying out for things to be the way I think they should be — my perception is wayyyy too narrow for that!


  6. divine….by chance I found your blog….by chance I have a blog…
    thanks for inspiring me to write….what beauty you write…mirror of God….

    Then child ask have you created me to pray to you?
    mother is mom what to answer, get tears ………….child inquires again also about the tears thinking question may not have hurt ?

    Mother composes and hold child in the lap and whispers in the
    child’s ear and says when in the garden I feed you with food , you
    also try with your small tiny hands to feed me ,please mom eat little ,how wonderful food you have cooked for me…still tears flowing…..

    Adds “It is not the requirement of cosmic intelligence that we pray or of any parents.
    prayers are like tiny hands of child wants cosmic intelligence to taste the wonderful cosmos that has created. but mom all different people refer through different names .does not get offended as I easily get angry if somebody do this to me. mom says wisdom comes through kindness. kindness is nature of cosmic intelligence and as child is happy mother is happy.

    happiness is prayers and thanks to cosmic intelligence .

    love all….

    please visit my new blog…photo feature….


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