didn’t we love the things that they stood for? video (3:15)

There are lots of videos out there that feature Dion singing his late ’60s hit song, “Abraham, Martin and John.” If this one doesn’t bring you to tears, you’re either too young to remember or too numb to care. Intelligent inspiration, indeed…

5 thoughts

    1. @edpilolla,

      I know you meant to put this Comment on the post above this one, but I’ll give you dispensation since you were reeling from being “just flicked.” Hope it felt more like a gentle Tinkerbell flick — and not a Three Stooges Ooooh! Ooooh! Owwweeee! flick. Well, actually, I guess either way works…


  1. I went to sleep last night at midnight just after reading “Eyewitness History” of Abe Lincoln and his last day of life. I woke up this morning to your blog and am amazed at how in sync your writing parallel my journey and I am sure many others. You have a gift of awareness and expression :)


    1. nadia Q,

      Thank you! I love hearing this. It validates for me that when I am inspired in a certain direction, I am not alone. Back to that wonderful axiom: There’s only one of us here. :)


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