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  1. Dear Rachel…I am now what you would call a Peter Mayer addict!
    Thank You Dear One for turning the ‘light’ on this phenominal singer/songwriter…I’ve been sitting and listening to him all morning, lol, and posted another on my blog today (HeartSongs).

    He so reminds me of Graceful and Wise Pete Seeger!

    You are a gift that keeps on giving My Delightful Sister/Friend!

    Happy New Year Blessings to You! :)


    1. Akasa,
      I confess I just myself discovered and instantly fell in love with Peter Mayer. Like you, I was so thrilled that I had to share him immediately and then proceed to listen to him over and over. Not at all surprised that you had the same reaction, My Delightful Sister/Friend! (:


    1. Hi,

      I didn’t know you knew Rachel. I was re-reading my blog post on Abraham and while responding to you, I noticed again what Rachel had to say. I visited her site and am intrigued with what she has written.

      I hope she lives to be at least 95 so that we can get more good stuff from her.

      Good seeing you again Amy!

      Michael J


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