2011 prayer for wholeness


"The Fairy Rehearsal" aka "Teaching Birds to Sing," by Richard Doyle, public domain

My prayer for you
Two Thousand Eleven
Is that you mate your earth with heaven,
That in the one you find the two
And in the two, know all is you

May deep within, you touch the glow
And feel above as so below
That you may walk on beauty’s way,
Taste forever in every day

In this one moment rests the All
Above, below, the rise, the fall
To know forgiveness, first forgive
To die complete, you first must live!

With every word may you impart
Authentic gleanings from your heart
May you know truth when so displayed
And turn away, the game once played
Has ended! Old rules fall asunder
And in their place new realms of wonder
Enfold, embrace, enwrap, enchant
Beseech you, ne’er declare “I can’t”

May you see golden doors swing wide
And find the courage to step inside,
May you hear the words in silence uttered
As you banish thoughts of self and other

May you drop your armor, tear down your walls
Let Love be the rallying cry as judgment falls,
And thereupon what you will find
May it take your breath and blow your mind

With struggle and pain days no longer fraught
Lay down your swords, the wars once fought
Have ended now, if you give voice
You stage each scene, you make each choice

Act One, you step into the light
You hit your mark, devoid of fright
You feel the surge, your power grown
All once forgotten is newly known

The music swells, the chorus sings
Offstage, the angels wait in wings
Heaven’s company at your side,
The entirety of Creation radiant with pride

And when the final act be done
All returns to the infinite One,
You rest, the denouement complete
You’ve scarcely missed a single beat

The bells have pealed, the past now sealed
The curtains part and meet anew,
May you find perfection in brilliance born
At once, at last, All rests with you.

2 thoughts

  1. I accept your Living Prayer into my soul Rachel…
    I wish for you all this and more…Angel Choirs singing
    ’round about you and the Music of the Spheres!

    You are Loved…


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