well, this one slayed me in the best possible way: the artist’s creed (Jan Phillips video)

Sincere thanks to Akasa WolfSong, who recently posted this video on one of her blogs.
The video was created by Jan Phillips, Visionary Thought Leader.
Highly nourishing. Deeply inspiring. Sure to feed any creative soul.

5 thoughts

  1. ram,
    yes, so true. the awakened life is a creative act with every breath. No separation between what we call “art” and what we call “life.” Delicious!

    I am thrilled that you continue to find resonance here — as you navigate your “new” life. Be gentle with yourself always and remember how deeply you are loved.

    Yee-Hah! I am loving the connecting, the sharing, the singing! How blessed we All are.

    Isn’t it great to be open and sufficiently awake that we can find previously “hidden” nuggets when we revisit a piece of wisdom? Even better when we see it as ram0ram pointed out above — with a seamless integration of “art” and “career” and “home” and “work.” That’s when things get really fun! Love to you…


  2. Perfect timing. I discovered this last year and am so grateful that these fabulous pieces come around again and again. This time, I heard that what I do towards my art form is as valuable as any effort I made in my career world. It all contributes toward the quality of transformation that is happening everywhere around us.

    Thank you, Rachel, for posting this grand message.


  3. You are very welcome Rachel…don’t you just love Jan? These sharings are what makes our hearts sing as we connect with the Universal Cosmic Parents,Self, and each other. :)

    Blessed Day to You!


  4. As I search for meaning in this “new” life of mine, I appreciate thought-provoking messages such as this. Art can be of any form, media, or action, and I believe we are allowed to exist in this physical form only for a short time and our reason for being here is to serve, create beauty, and when we leave this physical form, we leave this space better than it was when we arrived. That is our purpose for being here. Thanks, Rachel, for sharing this beauty. Vannetta


  5. dear and divine rachel….what a beautiful video post…

    the nature of cosmic spirit is creativity in silence….. so a spiritual living is oneness in creativity …in every aspects of life…. from breath to breath ….worship of work and happiness..

    love all…


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